Afterworld Survival in crisis!

Discussion in 'Afterworld' started by Tesla Coil, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Afterworld Survival is in crisis as stated by one of the developers. To read more about it check out the official Afterworld Survival forum.

    Many bugs and loss of game-play since the transition from Alpha to Survival and no news for a month now on this current crisis they announced.
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  3. Lot of games goes that road. They start to develop it and then they hit some problem and the project dies. Many smaller project is the result of a few enthusiastic developers, but after a while the energy dies down and/or their real life moves and they don't have the time and interest for the project anymore. I think we all have this kind of situations in our lives, we start projects, but after a while lose the interest in it.
  4. This comes from the Unity developers forum :

    Whatever your dreams are, consider them crushed and trampled under the weight and magnitude of your competition; a roaring and raging tsunami of AAA sweeps over you as you cling to a small slippery rock at the abyss of certain failure.

    As your grip slips and you look into the abyss, you feel your dreams being washed over the side, cascading into the gloom.

    If you've got this far and still hung on, you've already won.
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    Kickstarter needed me thinks...
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    Well the game looks much better then it used too, but maybe they made the same mistake as EU, changed the look of the game but with that also the feel of the game people loved.




  7. The second and maybe last time I played AW was about three months ago, and there are indeed many bugs, such as I couldn't get out of the starting area - unlike the first time I played when I could get out of it... The graphics were very good, like in Razer's screenshots above, and genral movement, etc, was OK.
  8. Yeah but these screens are from the website.

    On most pc's the game runs bad, need to use low settings and still miss like 75% of the old game-play.

    A growing number of people even suggesting to set it back to the Alpha version where they had a lot more to do and a lot more people on-line. This would confirm what Razer also mentioned. People just lost the feel for it after that alpha to survival update.

    Now game stands still without any updates or messages from the developers since a growing number of months. Seems team broke up and has become a one man project now from a design artist.

  9. Yer, I didn't think about the (AW) logo...
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    interesting about the alpha --> survival thing. I didn't know about that change. Did they let you customise your avatar yet? This was always one of my biggest off puts with the game.

    It was cool that when I showed up though I immediately ran into about half a dosen PE vets who knew me! :D
  11. They ask for another 10.000 dollar to can continue with the game, in this case the avatar creation.
    Still most of the community members are done with Afterworld. Everyone of these people are stuck with a lot of recourses, items, currency and skills.

    Guess most people in the Afterworld would be happy to sell out at this point but who will invest in a game that has no progress anymore nor any communication with the developers.

    The team broke up and the only thing that still works in the donate button. The rest of the communication and signs of life are gone.
  12. The Alpha had poor graphics but overall good playability. With survival, it's like a huge place of pretty graphics but with almost nothing to do.

    And the clone thing is a game killer. At least for me.
  13. Well I managed to login to AW a few hours ago as a replacement router finally arrived by royal very slow mail. Anyway, I still have this bug that prevents me from getting out of the starting area. No idea what's causing it.
  14. Hello everyone,

    Afterworld seems to have a new team member and he announced a new age for Afterworld.
    For those curious for the information and road-map he wrote down visit the new topic on their forum.

    AfterWorld: New Age is Coming Soon!
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