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Discussion in 'Afterworld' started by Lavawalker, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Hard to believe no posts in this section.

    Ok lets start with one.

    AW is an RCE game much like Entropia though on a much more affordable scale that does not involve "dynamic" buffering of the participants funds to achieve large HoF/ATHs etc.

    It is a great alternative for those who wish to explore and calculate real profit & loss as you participate in the RCE environment.

    Currently under development Afterworld is going through some massive changes with the transfer over to a new 3D platform for version update 10 known as Afterworld Survival.

    Here is the some information (News) on Afterworld Survival


    Here is the media library


    Here is the wiki which includes the "First Steps in Afterworld Alpha World" guide.


    ^^ Please read this as you will save us helping newcomers in Afterworld
    answering 40+ of the same question 20+ times a day :D

    Here is the Tutorial site currently being put together


    Here is the sister forum site to this forum also run by Lykke & Peter :)


    Youtube Videos for upcoming
    Afterworld Survival VU10
    2 small areas in Survival to demonstrate the new 3D engine.
    Please watch in High Quality to do them justice.​

  2. Wed

    Wed The one and only...

    Nice videos, looking forward to the survivle realise :shoot:

    ty for sharing :dancinggirls:
  3. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    Let say, it is more affordable for the moment.
    Remember that PE started the same way, and we still have to see what the future brings.

    I tryed out AW in beta when it just got online and to be honest back than it could not keep me interested.

    No idea how it is now, so maybe I install it again and look around a bit.
    Just to see how things develop.
    At least the clips look good.

    Kind regards.
  4. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Some updates are currently occuring to the media library & wiki,
    Sorry if your having trouble accessing these at present.
  5. i created an agccount on AW a few years ago ... never did much there though... it was quite boring... maybe I should give it one more try... if I could remember my user name....
  6. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Hi Ion,

    I have been exploring and skilling in Afterworld "Alpha World" for roughly 18 months casually on and off.

    The new "Survival world" will not be released until later this year.

    The same "alpha world" you experienced before is still in effect though with several improvements
    (And some more to come in VU 9.9) prior to VU10.

    As far as the two RCE alternatives go I take the experiences in each as they come.
    I find that Entropia consumes my deposits in a small timeframe so I use AW inbetween deposits to play.

    If non-depositor activities in Entropia and their earning potential was not so bad in comparison to what you can achieve in Afterworld, I would be spending more time in Entropia, most likely helping newcomers to get started.

    Afterworld is a good alternative for those working on small or no deposit budgets.

    Since nothing is lost in the transfer from "Alpha World" to the new "Survival World" 3D platform, now is a fantastic time to get in early and skill skill skill :D

    As far as the future goes, I have no crystal ball to tell what will happen.
    Though if it is anything like what has occured with Entropia ...
    I would not like to miss the boat again and be left in the middle or at the bottom of the food chain.
  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Try Green .. or Rowan ... or .. GreenRowan :D
  8. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Hi Green,

    Send an email to

    Give them your details,
    real name + avatar name and they should be able to help you out.

    They are not in commercial release so be patient on a reply as it is the devs who handle the support cases at present.
  9. Hi.

    I open AfterWorld account a lot time ago. It was with my old computer and have some connections problem.

    I read at that moment too when Beta Test finish all storage and game money will be cleaned.

    I try a little of gather resources (as sweat process) and stop there.

    Perhaps i try another time.

  10. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Their new world is looks quite impressive. To me it looks better that EU and cryengine.
  11. When will V10 with the good graphics come? The graphics look really good on those movies. I might download it if the nice graphics are live. :)
  12. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    Wow looks nice Lavawalker, i'll have to log into AW again and see whats happening. :)
  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    With your new avatar, I vote your very first words when you enter the game ought to be:

  14. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    LOL yep,

    Also if your new to AW and you spot me running around QA1 - Viperstrike
    Or if your not so new and returning, mention you read this post post on EP

    I am giving away a free steel pick to help get you started / restarted :)

    Do read the wiki though, it gives a nice rundown of what you need to do.

    First Steps in AW >

    Remember it is still the "Alpha World" at present.
    The "Survival World" is due sometime this year.

    Nothing is lost - AWD, Skills, Items, Resources and any other valuable will be transferred from the
    Alpha World ---> Survival World 3D Platform when it arrives

    One of the Devs from AW may post in this thread at some point to confirm this for those who are still concerned about the old proposed wipe that was to occur previously. (No longer the case)
  15. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    ive tried AW a couple of times, both time i found it less intuitive than EU (which is a bitch when you start) and all a bit... well Russian. rough round the edges, stern and institutional scenary. the crafting i recall was very difficult to figure out, the encounters i had with mobs near the start area suggested it was tough. and it was empty.

    and, it was desperatly trying to be EU without being EU i felt. look at that that number, VU10 for an confessed alpha project? as for RCE as far as i could tell you couldnt with draw money, it was more like you "donated" money for the ability to play at a higher level with decent stuff. has this changed? is the economic model based on real economics or is it still the case that cash is treated as the only finite underlying resource?

    maybe this Survival thing is a real step forward, it certainly looks good.
  16. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    A lot has changed Aridash,

    It is in active development.

    The crafting is very realistic and without fails.
    Also you are not stuck to a crafting terminal for hours on end clicking.

    You set the crafting program (bp) to run with resources added and can go off to do further activities, whether this be crafting more items or subcombines, refining or mixing resources such as alloys, out gathering resources, hunting or mining while the crafting task(s) complete.

    The economy model including corporation & manufacturing facility development is still not in place.
    These are due to come in with Survival in stage releases which players build themselves.

    eg. Fuel stations to supply vehicles with fuel across the new expansive landscape 2000 square kms ~ 3 x larger than Eudora without water area included.

    Vehicles are already in place but not released.

    Vehicle example >

    ^^ I noticed the refined hybrid fuel & electric battery powered engine too :D

    Taming is in place, you can hunt with your pets in PvP and loot the pets' kills.
    Mind you, training pet mutants/animals & robot hacking are two skillful professions in their own right.

    VoIP Participant to Participant and Society Voice Chat is part of the system - Integrated.

    Skills for crafting has now been implemented which is also challenging :)
    As far as russian goes, it is primarily english.

    Yes there are russian players who speak russian to each other in local chat because it is easier for them to talk and explain the game though you find this occuring rarely - Mostly in QA1 when a new player arrives.

    As far as intuitive goes, well that is a matter of opinion really :)
    Ofc the game is not for everyone nor is the crafting element.

    Though earning potential in the RCE environment when you apply yourself outstrips that of activities in Entropia at both beginner and mid levels which can be properly measured as you spend.

    Both Entropia & Afterworld have their pros and cons though my gut is telling me, given a few years of further development, AW will really be something with a more realistic rc-economy model.

    Something I think Entropia will have a great deal of trouble struggling with due to the nature of the dynamic funds buffering ruleset balancing engine beast.

    Even though 95%+ of the 1000 - 1200 USD I deposit monthly is being done so in Entropia, still a good 90%+ of my time is spent in Afterworld between deposits.

    I see it as a good opportunity for many who have not been with Entropia for a long period of time and do not have highly developed skills, good armour and weapon drops from the early P.E days and still struggling at the bottom or middle of the food chain there.

    Especially those working on smaller budgets, 15USD easily lasts a month in AW if not a lot longer.

    It is hard once your established with a level of success in a game like Entropia to endure starting out in another RCE, especially one which is still in development and has many aspects not completed yet.

    Though in perspective, it is a lot like the early days of P.E. in many respects.

    Either way, maybe something to give a go later down the track when it is up to a standard you can cope with :)

    As I said earlier, I have no crystal ball.

    The AW devs seem to like to surprise us with stuff from time to time giving glimpses of what is coming, therefore I can only tell you of what I have seen and heard so far and what is in place.

    The community is also in an early stage of development, it is raw, but this is the nature of all communities starting out. The devs are working to provide a balance between PvP & Non PvP in survival so the environment is acceptable to a broader majority to ensure the participant's experience & choice in play style is not destroyed by conflicting choices.

    All things in good time. These guys are making progress on what they say they are doing unlike MindArk who have been 90% talk 10% action for the last 5 or so years.
  17. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    The new client engine for Afterworld Survival is the Torque 3D Engine.

    There are definitely some nice elements to Torque3D which includes Physx3D.

    Here is a playlist of examples on Torque3D, watch in HD for best experience ;)

    Use the <) Video display (> to progress to next video in the playlist
    Or the button right of "play/pause" for a selection list.

    YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.
  18. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    AWD is deposited, AWD, Skills, Items or Loot will not be wiped.

    This has yet to be updated on their website which still displays a 'donate' button and why I am hoping a AW Dev will post to confirm this change even though it is confirmed here:

    Withdrawl functionality is to come at some point after Survival has been implemented and the initial bugs are squashed.

    All economies require drains, there can not be an economy without sufficient drains it just not exist in the real world.

    Entropia has various drains the main being the TT machine.

    Afterworld is still in early development, values corresponding to AWD still need to be added to loot as approximations.

    Speaking speculatively

    Loot, resources and items will likely not have exact AWD, AWC & MilliAWC values assigned to them based on their decay unit cost values in the accounted for RCE environment.

    It is likely that various loot/resources will be able to be transformed into other materials which can used for other functions in the environment;

    Upon this there is likely to be the addition of a scrapping facility of types where you can take all your unwanted loot, resources and crafted items to be scrapped based on their decay unit cost value & invested Terminal AWD, which then you can TT so to speak in a set quantity (eg. 500kg stack of scrap material) to reclaim AWD to continue playing with ...

    ... or have the option to also use this scrap material for another use/function.

    These are only guesses.

    AW must have an adequate primary drain of such nature as does any economy to maintain economic flow, to ensure supply & demand within an economy is balanced where saturation does not occur leading to trashed market values.

    Again I have no crystal ball and this is something only devs can surprise us with.

    Being so early and with so much coming, this drain has not been required (as useful as it would be) at this point in the development of Afterworld.

    All I can say for certain is no economy can survive long term without adequate drains in place to maintain their flow and stability, so it is likely to come at some point ;)
  19. wow new engine looks pretty good. was wondering how they planned on competing.

    This is exactly though why everything needs to go RCE. with more games comming out and people like me that dont have time to play all of them. I can spend a month here a month there and it be affordable.
  20. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    well not wiping servers is really an expected given if to be taken seriously, but untill withdrawls are enabled you are donating/spending cash and not depositing anything. This is Russia, they do things... differently. is there even a formal company structure behind the project? right now its a hobby project (very good one from that point of view)

    as for drains, in the real world we go to great lengths to avoid "drains" and if anything could be comparable it would be material items, not cash. ie its the inverse irl, infinte cash and finite resources. without a more realistic model i dont consider any game world economy to be real, only the cash element is.
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