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  1. I dont know how many u have hear for this new project of RCE MMORPG but was alot of time without any news/info from devs and most ppl and me my self thought the game canceled why is under development till 2014 and suppose to start Alpha stage same year...

    So a new website is up and devs informs with new video of their progress and next steps, check it out ...

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  2. By any chance is this Afterworld? I remember creating an account there many years ago but it just didn't get any traction iirc.
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    It was a promising game, we even have a subforum for it (which was empty until now).
    I moved your thread to that subforum.
  4. Cool, they are back? I made the german translations at their former website :D
    I hope they will find an investor and increase their staff. Competition on this format of gaming is urgent needed!
  5. I loved Afterword - it was clunky but made absolute sense. Lost a lot of good friends to it who never returned.
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    Aftertime Diaries is a different game than afterworld, and not yet out in beta yet as far as I know.
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  7. wth are they doing at 3:51 in that video?
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    After Time <> After World?
    Dale wrote After World Diaries if I remember right. And rumors where around that they were looking for a new investor. Does someone know more about the issue? Is After Time connected to After World? I mean, I had an account at After World. Met some old friends from Hunters Unlimited there - lol.
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    No, they are not the same.
  10. I wonder what ever happened to Afterworld then, go poof?
  11. Looks like something you would see in Second Life :D
  12. I was in HU and remember Dale well. After every VU update he would run round the coast to see what changed. I think he still has a blog site.
  13. Afterworld have closed many months back , May 2015 and i was online when servers shutdown 1 buy 1 this day...was very sad day , i like this game...:frown:

    Dale have quit earlier AW and have start to play TheRepopulation but December 2015 servers goin off temporally (Hero Engine) problems...i think Dale gives bad lack to any game have play...hehhehe...:nutkick:

    Two brothers ex players and fanatics of AW wanted to buy AW rights in last days before close but Lead Dev of AW dont sell it and now with some help they have start a Test build free economy game with many features of AW and EU...:wise:

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    Project Ion, not sure they actually wanted to buy AW I think they were developing it before AW went tits up, but I can ask.
  15. Thanks for sharing. It was indeed a very long silence.

    Comparing old screenhots from some of the locations, this trailer does indeed feel like 5 steps backward (graphic, detail and quality wise) and looks like their 1st attempt using the unity engine.

    Knowing some ex-Entropians are involved into this project, this game will be the exact clone/copy of "Project Ion", with more promises beeing advertised.
    Promises, MindArk made a dozen times by now, while lying straight into our faces over the last 6 years.

    Im aware this project means lots of work as well and I liked some of the 1st (rendered) screenshots back then.
    It is obvious they dont reach for kickstarter, as they aim for you, the addicted Entropians and some curious unity testers/explorers.

    Afterworld had "fun elements" and I enjyoed it for some weeks. But it wasnt enough and then it shut down.

    My hope back then was on "Tabula Rasa" (shut down) and "Fallen Earth" (still running). But somehow I was expecting something very different when logging into "Fallen Earth" one day. So, here I am...Entropia...
  16. Do you still log in?
  17. Into which of the above ? :D
  18. Entropia :-)
  19. I never really left, or "quit"... since 2004. I made some pause now and then as I got really fed up with the very slow progress, all the lies and broken promises, that made me play other games. But I kept checking the forum(s) and logged in now and then to play with my CLD income.

    Maybe Mr. Simmonds already realized "Never change a running system" x'D

    It mostly makes me sad SEEing todays Entropia, when you have this alienated, detailed sci-fi MMO in your mind, that this Entropia used to be.
    And Im not just talking about Compet, empty space, CryEngine promises, Taming, Oculus Rift, Reallife Bank & Cash Card, massive ads, New Oxford, factories, CLD plots...just to name a few.
  20. A fan's website of Aftertime Diaries where i have see last time Dale...hehehe :

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    so loss we have lost AW. The Repopulation looks to be a small chance now... and ATD gone... what should we go kill now?

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