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Adolf Hitler and the N word...seriously MindArk, WTF !?!?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. My friend had to rename his avatar because it had the word "shitluck" in it...

    Now I got a friendly hint to search the player register for hitler, n*ggers, jihad and... stuff...and...wow !


    MindArk does not allow to create the chat channel "Casino" or "Cheat", but what the fuck is wrong with the name checking ?!?! xD
    Seriously...and yes sometimes some of them are online...
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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, Sweden was neutral during the whole WW2. Ol' Adolf never touched them. Probably that's the reason his name is allowed in a swedish game ... dunno.
  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    At the other hand ... no one would care about if one would name an avatar "Alexander". Alexander the Great slaughtered thousands of enemies and civilians. Have to admit ... Adolf Hitler is a very special one ...
    Did you search for "Joseph Stalin" or "George W. Bush" as well? It's probably worth a try ...
  4. There is like everyhting sick u can imagine in the player register xD

    Screenshot chat offers only some examples...look closely....or be creative while searching ;p

    Other MMOs usually pre-filter such stuff. hitler nigger penis shit....At least they filter the word "casino" ;)
  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I don't really care for that name issue. I am an adult. I can stand offending names. At least I would class such folks as stupid kids or dump asses, not worth to care about.
    Another task is, that MA and its forum is very restrictive in a row of other issues.
  6. Is just a matter of spending sometime there and you'll see the most fucked up names, Just look up with some common sweat words and you'll be amzed how ppl's imagination is put ingame
    tho, none is banned
    Got a friend that was named DickBreaker, had to change it after a lot of ppl reported him.
  7. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    McCormich, I have to ask.. Is this all you do now? Look for stuff just so you can say "MA, WTF?"

    Names like that have been in the game since the begining. Stupid people do stupid things.

    Personally, I have bigger things to worry about that someone putting Hitler in thier nametag..
  8. I do it, because noone else does.
    Do you have a problem with that ?
    I thought you have bigger problems to worry about ? ;)

    Thats not true. I have been here since 2004 and back in the days we only had "Slate Shitkicker Sloan" and thats not even an offensive word.
    Back then it was indeed a mature community.

    You dont have a problem with it. Others might get easily offended.
    And why report hundreds of names to make support really busy, if I can do a forum entry about this matter ?
    Of course I agree that the most simple solution would be to ignore it. Ignore ignore ignore.

    Noooo, again someone only SEEs McCormick "attacking" MindArk. I know Im not alone with all these threads I make, but the silence is here, because everyone else is too busy gambling or talking sh!t ingame or totally afraid of getting blacklisted by MA or afraid of bad loots. Ya it seems people have indeed "bigger" things to worry about ingame, then stuff like "hitler didtnothing wrong", "Anti nigger clan" etc.

    I dont just want to ignore this matter and I thought it might be worth mentioning it at least.
    I repeat, you dont have a problem with it, but others might get easily offended.

    This is clearly not just about hitler. Its about "Niggah shit fucker whore". Feel free to check the screenshot. As it is way too much names to report, why not use name filters ? At least for the obvious ones. Its so easy. Most games dont allow political stuff or harrasment...even our own EULA cleary forbids racism and sexual harrassment.
    MA could avoid a lot of work (delete reported avatars) by using simple name filters

    Am I right or am I wrong ?

    Some people choose to ignore this matter, some dont. And as noone else made such thread, I did it.

    Back then it wasnt even possible to create avatar names that were "too close" to already existing ones.
    Just saying.


    Clearly not.
    70% kids and 30% dumb asses. Correct sir.

    Some people choose to ignore this matter, some dont. And as noone else made such thread, I did it.

    Remember how people got all upset about David Simmonds "We want you" porn ad image ? =)
  9. Ehm i don't recall every name from back then, but i do recall some adult entertainment names hoffing regularly back then....

    But it is always better in the past :)
  10. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Have fun with that..
  11. Ehm, I think you mean "jenna pornstar jameson", but he visited MAs office after some time to get his avatar renamed (because of business reasons, lol and werent there at least 2 different owners ?) And for sure we had many "strange" team names and some were indeed (very) funny. And Im sure offensive team names got reported as well back then. As everybody could see them. But I can assure you that we never had "Hitler or Nigger" teams. Noone wants his account getting banned after a ncie ATH. ;)

    I also dont recall every name, but back then it was like 300 active avatars (24/7) and I hung around at "Port Atlantis" alot after hunting and mining. Sometimes the "New Arrival" area had indeed the strangest avatar names...ever. But the chance to "survive as a nigger or hitler" was 0.

    To be honest, I dont think its fun. Hence the thread. ;p

    Also it might not have made a difference if I had just started a thread in some kind of "wishlist section" like :

    "I wish we had name filters in the avatar creation process"

    The title alone would sound like I was heavily offended already.
    And ppl would start asking me right away if I dont have any other problems. :p
    Such wishlist-thread would have gained even less attention then this thread. Promised. ;)

    And people would still ask "Why". And when I would answer to their "why", they would tell me that there are worse problems in the (ingame) world. Which is always the case. I do know that. This is Entropia. :p
    But you got to start somewhere.

    If we would ignore everything...what would the forum be good for ? To post globals ?

    Try to SEE this as a suggestion for improvement and not as an "attack".
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2015
  12. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Well, maybe I would take this as a suggestion if there were a sugestion included.

    A statement of "What the fuck is wrong with the name filter?" doesn't sound like a suggestion to me. If I was to make a suggestion on the name filter, It may sound more like "I believe MA needs to look into the keywords used in it's name filter and bring them up to speed.". I think you can see the difference? There is an actual action suggested that MA could take.

    Hence, the reason it seems like every post you make is in some way an attack on MA (some well deserved). As I've read thru your posts (I'm trying to still catch up from a 5 year hiatus), I would make the assumption that MA has done nothing right in my time away but in my experience over the last month or two there are actually many updates I lke. My suggestion to you is if you want to get rid of the rep of being someone who constantly bashing MA? Write something positive about EU. Or at least give an even review of something.

    I hope there is something else in your life that gives you joy because it seems like MA and EU are just a pain in your ass.
  13. "I hope there is something else in your life that gives you joy..." Seriously ? -_-

    And I explained why I didnt start a "Id suggest a name checker" thread.

    This "product" really sucked me into it...but thats what VirtualWorlds are for.
    Some are more into it then others. Your phrase maybe indicates that you dont care about this online world as much as I do ? Or that you think spending too much time in the virtual world makes people sick ?
    No problem. Thats your opinion.
    But does that automatically mean that I have the issues ? Only because you have another opinion ?
    Beeing in here for more then 10 years is a long time for game. And it makes you think and wonder different about this "product" then others. :)

    I have done and still do a lot of positive stuff for Entropia (written, ingame-helping, videos). But it is about time MA will focus on some loveley, immersive detaills In my opinion. And as you said "some well deserved" I still dont feel MA realized what they have in their hands. Entropia trys to be everything but Entropia right now. In my opinion. I havent given up like others did. I even did some years of pause with casual logins, to mine, hunt or visit arkadia. In my eyes this product could be so much more then..."PEDs & Power".

    The RPG aspect never really kicked in, in here anyway. But I met those great people. I still do.

    Many ppl sell their souls or their friends for some k peds in here. Those never visited the forum (except for reselling) and for sure do not care about stuff like "Interaction with buildings, storyline, Miniopolis...etc. etc. etc."
    80% of the Entropians only check forum for the basic knowledge. Most of them never digged any deeper. But may I ?

    Thats why Im stil doing my history blog of broken promises.
    Im still trying to continue working in the "Entropia Movie". For one scene I even got offered support from Neverdie. (yes he will be in it...at least in one of the next teaser trailer...if there ever will be one) ;p
    I still do the (random) videos about Entropia. So man videos on youtube. Im doing for Entropia...for the people, not for MindArk.

    I may sound harsh to some. Stupid to others. It might feel as (steady) attacks to some.
    But I have the same thoughts and feelings about other Entropians. We are humans. :p

    Most ppl dont know what was going on the past or is going on right now, besides logging in doing their gam(bl)ing, reselling or 3D chatting. They dont even care, even if they stumble across "interesting stuff". They just want to finish their daily Entropia stuff.
    And those who claim I am only talking about the past and how good/bad it was, are also part of this "group".

    It is indeed history repeating, and stuff that happens right now, will soon turn into the past as well. Doesnt hurt to SEE behind the curtain and I wouldnt call it attacking all the time. Its infos, thoughts and opinions, posted on a forum...ofc not everybody has to agree with it. Ofc not everbody cares. Ty.
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  14. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    McC ... you asked if you were right or wrong ... I say you're right, and here's why.

    It comes to light that a well-known satirical magazine in Paris, France was ascended upon by terrorists recently because of how they depicted "The Prophet" ... many people died as a result, and terrorism continues across the world, inspired by those who take things to the extreme.

    In today's world, people ARE offended by such immature and extreme behavior, even just using racist names and other content in an MMO ... it's NOT just a game, but a game with real people from multiple cultures, and with the way so many in the world have been acting out at the slightest off-key or off-color exhibition of behavior that targets a certain race or culture or religion, it's an invitation for someone not so stable to really take issue with it and start something.

    It seems these days that it doesn't take much to set someone off, and I feel very strongly that MA should invest a bit of time in the filter system and prevent the potential of this happening. With people like those who decide to choose these names and are getting away with it, the very environments they inhabit in the game are hotbeds for potential verbal combat that could escalate to something more.

    I am not offended by this stuff, because I understand immature behavior, but I also respect the cultural diversity of this game and the uniqueness that each culture brings to an opportunity for all of us to understand each other better.

    I for one appreciate McC's efforts, so thank you.
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I reported a name once last year or something. I can't remember why. I think I just felt it was unnecessarily unpleasant
  16. Most names from 2015 are still there. So easy to set a name filter...so easy to complain ;D

    Niggerkiller, niggerbeater, pedo neighbour...use your fantasy and you can find almost everything you can imagine.

    Chats like "Casino" are forbidden and cant be used...but...

    hitler names.
  17. I would never accept a player with such a name in our society. But then again, there is also a society named "zika virus"
  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    "PigBenis"? ... Okay, it's a joke ... :)
    "Eva Braun"?
    "Ulla Braun"?
    "Alois Hitler"? (father as well as half-brother of Adolf)

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