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Active Players - Accounts - Forum Accounts : All data here

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Dab


    Everytime use something that causes decay on an item or changes the amount of Peds on your card - it's a transaction. Otherwise the numbers are impossible.

    Even if you graciously assume 20000 players a day, they would have to have 1650 "microtransactions" per day each on average.

    You gained 2 bottles of sweat - transaction
    You removed your shoes - transaction
    Clicked the crafting machine - transaction
    Partial success! - transaction
    Drop a bomb - transaction
    One click on mining extractor - transaction
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  2. For the past 11 hours:
    We've had constantly over 100M calls per hour on the APIs (with a peak of 150 million calls)
    Over 60k people on the streamers, with over 160k open sockets watching over 5 million pair combinations.
  3. Droops I don’t understand the technicals that you’re referring to but when you say ‘we’ who are you referring to please?
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I'm assuming Twitch
  5. Happy anniversary. Instead of fancy graphics, feel free to read my text.

    Next Island Forum - dead (www.nextisland.com/forums/)
    facebook section - dead (except for reuploads of old screenshots) (www.facebook.com/NextIsland/)
    Next Island Mobile Version - dead

    Neverdie Forum - dead (www.forum.neverdie.com/)
    (rocktropia section dead as well)

    Neverdie VR Forum - dead (www.forum.neverdie.com/)
    (rocktropia section dead as well)

    - dead (www.neverdie.io/)
    (all roadmaps died)

    toulan forum - seriously, this is waht I call a dead forum (www.toulanforum.com)

    Cyrene Forum - vanishing, slow, but sure (www.cyreneforum.com/forums/)

    - dead (MA announced reboot)

    - fully bugged, empty, dead (no more updates, chat died)

    - the latest ND bullshit...last text about it in july...never any real news anyway...

    Not saying the sky is falling, but these things are soon extinct.
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  6. So what if the sky fell?
    Would you be pleased .Raise the glass?
    What would your emotion be?
    Will you say I yold you so?
    Laugh in Mindark's face?
    Will you be truly happy?
    Will your search for what you seek be finally concluded?
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    He's trying to say "Wake up MA" - not laugh at them
  8. San


    Looking at activity on the forums alone isn't a suitable gauge, or not anymore. On Cyrene and partly Arkadia I see social interactions shifting from the forums to Discord lately. Rocktropia always had a more lively in-game chat than the rest. It's not so visible as these don't make their records available on the web. I don't know what we're really expecting, though. That Entropia would have become another WoW by now? Or at what state of popularity in between would we be satisfied? At least the company survives, whether we like all of its doings or not. That is an achievement.
  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I agree with San that I don't think forum activity alone is a sole gauge to measure by. It's one variable in a bigger calculation, though, and probably the one most easily measured.
  10. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Another measure you can look at is number of times Entropia Pocket has been downloaded. Since many active players will want to protect their accounts that gives a good measure for now.
  11. Uh, I would be more then happy to SEE an epic Update, that makes me want to login again...taming anyone ? CLD plots ? Factories ? Partner buildings ? Deeptoken ? IPX ? Mindbank ?
    I would love to SEE the old bosses go...some fresh blood...but please, no more scammers like Mr. Nel...anyway, too late.

    As nothing of the above will never happen, for obvious reasons, keeping that many previous fails in mind...I would have no problem with Entropia finally going offline either.

    Keep in mind, how many broken promises and repetitive, empty PR-gags we got by now...you cant fully ignore that one, no matter how much you love your ingame shops...Mindark fails at communication, yet each bs phrase they post, still makes some ppl feel almost orgasmic...anyway, no need to repeat all that here.

    Would I be happy ? Would I be sad ? Probably both, because a bunch of clowns ruined a gigantic opportunity....more then a dozen times. :'D

    Why I would have partly agreed on max. 5k (active) players back in the days...keep in mind, that Mindark would of course never ever fake those always accurate download numbers on the playstore... ;D

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