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  1. How does one unlock serendipity? I went to the auction the other day to get some with a skill implant but found that I couldn't do it. Was told that I don't have that skill...
  2. According to my mentor Burger and please correct me if I'm wrong, you have to reach a certain level of skill in all areas or a certain number of areas and then you'll unlock serendipity. I'm not sure where your skill level has to be in order to reach it but I hope this helped.
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    Yanick is correct, Serendipity is one of the hidden skills that you unlock, based upon your various other skill levels. As you found when looking at implants, you cannot implant a skill until it is unlocked. After you have unlocked it, then you would be able to implant extra serendipity skill levels.

    A good reference for skills is at
    There it says serendipity unlocks at " Level 30 in any profession it contributes to ".

    Other clues that you are close to unlocking it, is if you check the stats details ingame on a non-SIB weapon in your field of hunting. For example if you mainly use laser rifle, have a look in your inventory, or in the auction, at your stats for a Justifier Mk2. When your HA Hit Ability is at 3.0 you are almost there. When your professional standing shows as GREAT ( laser sniper, laser pistoleer etc ) then it should unlock Serendipity.

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    I'll try to submit some extra info to that page soon, as it is a bit dated now.
  5. Arrr - right, so that's it. Thanks all, sorry for late reply. It sounds like something to do with a musical recital to me :rolleyes:but I've heard it mentioned here and there and that serendipity is helpful for getting more globals which is why I wanted to buy some. I only do hunting and mining, not very high skills yet, so no idea how long I'll wait to unlock serendipity.
    [ But then I looked at the skills chart mentioned and discovered that I need level 30 in any skill it contributes to to unlock it ].

    Hunting Skills:
    Aim 3184; Combat Ref' 1568; Handgun 3685; IRD 2134; LB 1931
    Marksmanship 3799; RDA 2564; Rifle 3309; Weap' Hand' 2465

    General Skills:
    Courage 1477; Dexterity 1478; Perception 1869

    Defense: Evade 1267 Medical: Anatomy 3620

    Geology 1038; Mining 1981

    Reason for silly skills list is I'm wondering what to get more of...
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  6. Much, much, much later... Yea! I have unlocked Serendipity:yahoo:
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    Well done. :)
  8. I have Just unloked it too Reached level 30 laser sniper lol:yahoo:
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  9. Wow, that was fast, considering you joined about the same time I did. On the other hand I have been skilling very slowly :)
    Have you chipped up?

    Gratz! To you too, nexus7 ;)

    EDIT: Or was it sarcasm MOH? Your "lol" made me uncertain now :)
  10. Been Playing About 6 Mths Now Joined WebSite After lol :yeah:
  11. Ooh, okay. Didn't think about that option ;)
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