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A Tourist-Tour to Entropia Universe after one and a half year absence

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Jamira, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 15

    Well, what's next? My old homes ofc! I had so much good time "at home"! My first apartment was at Bilton Towers.

    TT  Calypso 006.

    I still love Bilton Towers. It was once our "City of Culture". With an exhibition area for RL art and the opportunity (for MA) to organize exhibitions of colonist's art (at least one exhibition of participant art happened), an academy and exclusive shops connected to RL shops (all gone). One could use "T" to teleport to New Oxford's service station or TP within a minute or use the televator to be at the beach imediately and have a swim. Next to me (Tower #4) was the dance club "Club 3G" of ... ehrm ... wait ... Jamhot! Yes, Jamhot. Man! I was often there and had fun with good music and a dance floor! All in all pretty elitist. No other place than Bilton Towers offered (and offers?) such a comfort.

    My apartment there was a present from a friend: Bilton Tower #3, 4A. The area was more beautyful in the past than nowadays:

    I spent a lot of time and money there. I put some effort in furnishing and decorating it. My beloved Aldimon bed:

    And one day - BANG! - MA implemented the possibility to place our own pictures at the wall. That was a great feature for me and I loved it very much.
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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Hmm, I didn't say you shouldn't post in my threads. I said you shouldn't try to teach an Arch Master Swordsman in using blades in a thread about a travel. I think you knew that you effuse your taunts to a proud person with a sharp tongue and knew the risks to do it ;-) But if you are miffed ... bye bye Spawn.
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 16

    Finally I had a visit to Tower #4, 3G. No Jamhot's Club 3G :-( And it's not open for public.
    A few years ago I gave my Bilton apartment back to the friend (Rick England) who gave it as a gift to me once. It's a storehouse now :-(

    Next was one of the big G-apartments. I have always been jealous of this G-apartment at Biltons below my A-apartment. It's owner was Ido Starlit Sunrider. I asked him often to sell it to me. But he always denied. (My sister Kristin bewitched him later with success. She was really a witch! And even myself wasn't on her guestlist. Only LOOTIUS knows what she did there!)

    I got my BIG G at Omegaton West Habitat Gamma 11G (if I remember right) from another friend: Pirx Danford, founder of "Free Wanderers". We had some longer talks befor and I made an offer to him that he couldn't reject ;-) That was another great time. Well, the view from my balcony offered some water. But apart from that it was kinda desert. Not that wonderful trees and meadows like the Bilton enviroment.
    TT  Calypso 011.
    I had a galery there for a year: "Women & Blades". It was a lot of fun. That was the time when I bought a shower cabin. And guess what! It was functional. I think I paid 500 PED. Later MA destroyed it. I sent tons of service tickets. But as long as I was in game they didn't repair it (~2009 - 2014).
    The apartment is a storehouse now :-(
    Sad. I left it to visit my old Medusa apartment #12 North Wing.
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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    and Before we have a repeat of last time... it's still there! (I decorate at the same speed I skill - 1 lvl a year) :wink:
  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL! I was a bit drunk ... I told you.
  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 16 - part two
    MA always had problems with windows. Best "hardcore" example is my first: 4A at Bilton Tower #3. This is the view from inside:
    TT  Calypso 009.
    ... and this from outside:
    TT  Calypso 005a.
    They simply forgot the windows of the apartments A, B, E and F at the outside model. Additional they don't let the sun shine through the windows. Even if there is bright sunlight outside it's dark in the apartment without lamps. Not to speak about correct shadows in the apartment from sunlight - even if the sun is shining straight to the window. Same in the G-apartment:
    TT  Calypso 010.
    No wonder if someone got depressions ...
    The outside watched from the inside is a fake. You can see an enviroment nearly like the original but no people, vehicles and mobs.

    How ever, I enjoyed a short visit to my former Bazaar apartment at Medusa's Head. It is owned by Dilly meanwhile (thank you for all the PEDs, Dilly :geek:). It is still bugged. I took two screenshots before and after zoom in and out:
    Light on ...
    TT  Calypso 017.

    Light off ...
    TT  Calypso 016.
    I was waiting for sunrise. But Wistrel popped up with whisper and we had a very interesting talk about Life, the Universe and Everything ... so I missed the right moment.
    Outside I noticed another (new) render issue:
    TT  Calypso 020a.
    My old home #12 Northwing marked red. The complete northwing lost its textures and is simply black. What a pitty! At the other hand: What a luck, that I checked out timely.
    I will have a look into the new settlement areas later. Stay tuned!
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 17
    Estates. The island south of Fort Troy (the place I arrived ten years ago).
    TT  Calypso 021.
    Well, there is a nice place! With direct access to the beach and possible nice view to the sea from a possible patio.
    TT  Calypso 024.
    Okay, the beach doesn't look that idyllic ...
    TT  Calypso 023.
    ... but have a look at this picture:
    TT  Calypso 028.
    TT  Calypso 025.

    TT  Calypso 026.

    TT  Calypso 027.
    NP MA, I'm pretty sure you can sell this estate to someone else one day when the system works. It's all empty. South of Fort Troy ...
    TT  Calypso 022.
    ... southeast of Fort Ithaca ...
    TT  Calypso 041.
    ... at Livas ...
    TT  Calypso 033.
    It seems, the estate system is not functional yet ... after such a long time since it was introduced. I mean: why the hell do they start such a system without functionality? Or does it already work and no one wants it? btw. no TP nor service center at the new estates. If you hit "T" you will end up somewhere in the middle of nowhere (without TP as well). Seriously MA!
    TT  Calypso 042.
    Okay, nice design.
    TT  Calypso 043.
    But should it be a TP-destination for folks who payed a lot for an estate?

    Good old places! Fort Troy. It became a muddy Service Station:
    TT  Calypso 031.

    Fort Ithaca. It is still nice. Especially since we can use the big platforms. Uhh wait ... no televators. You have to jump down and will die. Great service!
    TT  Calypso 039.
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  8. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 18

    I am afraid this tour goes to a wrong direction :-( It was meant as joyride to visit all the old places with good memories. The changes are too deep, the bugs and uncompleted developments linger on ... the good world, we enjoyed once, is really destroyed. I don't complain about it. Times changed, bugs were kept, new content is still unfinished. I will stop at this point, before it turns into negativity.

    I went back to North Space Station. Still useless all this Space ports ...
    TT  Calypso 045.

    Got my exile destination. I will park myself there. It's approximately the middle. Probably one day I am in need to fly somewhere ;-)
    TT  Calypso 046.

    TT  Calypso 047.
    That's strange! 27,0+106,9=133,9. My health is at 215,1.
    Exile Athena SS 001.
    TT  Calypso 048.
    Bye bye Calypso
    TT  Calypso 049.
    Hello Athena Space Station!
    TT  Calypso 050.
    Have fun folks!
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    My new home!
    Exile Athena SS 006.
    Not very cozy. At least I can breath (Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes). I know that since they implemented breath sound while running. (... wich is a VERY IMPORTANT feature!)
    I asked one of the guards for a dance. He didn't respond.
    Exile Athena SS 002.
    It seems the guards are triplets. Or clones even ... dunno, since they don't talk to me.
    Exile Athena SS 004.
    "Operate" causes nothing. The explanation is easy:
    Exile Athena SS 007.
    He is an undead. Okay, I can live with it. I prefer partners of my own gender anyway and this brothers/clones are too fat for my taste. I wonder how long this "Guard" could avoid strikes of my blade in PvP.

    There are two rooms at the Space Station. No clue what they are meant for. They are empty except for a Revival Point. Why? There is another Revival Point close to the TP ... So neither control rooms, nor storages. Empty rooms even. I hoped to purchase some basic furniture one day. At least a bed, a table with chair and an armchair. Maybe a refrigerator. O wait! No need for food and neither Beer nor whiskey available at all in the Universe. But my hopes were vaporized immediately:
    Exile Athena SS 003.
    I cannot drop items here. What a pitty! I mean, it wouldn't be the worst apartment I owned - lol!
    With my own Guard nearby.
    Exile Athena SS 008.
    Probably if I try long enough I can win him/them as friend? No?
    Btw. no window issues here. I can see the real outside, not a fake:
    Exile Athena SS 009.

    Edit: Ahhhrg! Okay, there are four rooms, each with one Guard. So there are six of such fat boys. That smells heavy at clones. Not brothers. And two Revival Points near TP.
    Exile Athena SS 010.
    A shower would be fine ...
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  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    YAWN! It's really boring here.
    I checked the opposite side. HOLA! No fat guys there but a tiny quest-giver ... called "Outcast Pirate".
    LOL! He is only 1.70 meters tall and had to bend his neck to look into my eyes. He was a bit irritated it seems ;-)
    Exile Athena SS 011.
    Dread Castamir? At Howling Mine. Must be that other quest-giver I met before.
    At least mg joda is back.
    Exile Athena SS 012.
    Don't remember exactly ... guess he was up to leave the game two or three years ago ...

    ... an auction terminal here would be cool ...
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  11. Wait you lost me here? This thread I thought was all about finding all the faults in the game so you can complain about it? Yes we know you really do miss it.. Just deposit and come back....you will feel better..you will :)
  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    You had wrong thoughts, OZtwo. And you are wrong: No need for me to feel better ... I feel good already. The goal wasn't to find bugs and bad things in the game. The goal was to make a tourist travel - a joyride even - and have a look for the places I loved and lived at in the past. What I found is something wich is very different to my former beloved places. That doesn't mean automatically that it is bad. Just because I don't love it. But I don't love it anymore as it is now. Not a single place. Only all the good vibrations from the past leaded me to this tour. And you understand "avoid negativity", don't you?

    It's fine if you still love the game. Enjoy it. Deposit or not. (I deposited ~$22 to make this travel possible: vehicle, fuel, reasonable appropiate clothes.) All good. But don't revile me just because I made a survey after 1.5 years. Spawn was already confronted with my sharp tongue because of his taunts. Just contain yourself with slander.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2015
  13. Na you will be back and you know it. There is nothing wrong with the posts you are making here..but for others looking at them...we all can see you are missing it and trying hard to find all the faults to prove to yourself you will never come back. But you will and we will be waiting. I'll try to find this post in 2 years :)
  14. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Oha! OZtwo spoke the last (useless) words at my old thread. I wasn't aware of it until I reread it today, because I mentioned it in another thread. That's not good! OZtwo shouldn't be the one who speaks "last words"!
    I think that this tour is worth of rereading now and than. And I will probably repeat the tour at the end of this summer - after one year even. I would like to do this together with someone else who is still ingame and has wider knowledge of all developments than me. I don't have much "friends" ingame anymore. Probably someone from this forum is interested in such an overall visit too and can bring in other aspects. I would really like to welcome a competent partner for another tourist-tour through the Universe. By any chance we can complement it with interviews of planet partners like Mr President NEVERDIE and Ozi. Kinda "Hitchhiker's Guide To the Entropia Universe". I would pay the costs if necessary. Still have 20 PED at my PEDCard and can deposit a bit more. At least enough to visit several POIs and run some tests.
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  15. ahhhh the CLD landplots
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  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh they might in time prove to be the writing on the wall

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