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A Tourist-Tour to Entropia Universe after one and a half year absence

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Jamira, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 1

    Well, time to take a look for our old universe after 18 months absence. (As Tass suggested, folks should post more here at EP!) Summer hole even ...

    I thought I should do the journey clockwise and keep Calypso as final candy. That means Monria became my first target. First of all I had to do some preperations: Buy a Quadwing and fuel and repair material for a longer journey, put my remaining make-up materials to storage, buy sunglasses for a cool look and such. Finally I had to deposit 20 Euro to make it possible. A laughable amount compared to usual 250 ±50 Euro per month for several years when I was active ... and kk the sunglasses arn't Malachi Ash - as it would be common for me - but only some Arkadia sunglasses. I did this all at Calypso. First impression: MA fucked us with graphic issues. Somehow they implemented texture-loading-delays with REALLY unwanted previews with plain colours. Alas ...

    I started at North Space Base as usual. The very first thing I saw after arriving at Calypso Space Station was a red triangle. It changed to white immediately ... no clue what this means. I flew to the station, switched the game to window-mode and played Spider Solitair for 15 minutes. After that delay I flew to Monria without problems. Near Monria I logged out and in again. It blowed me to Monria Space Station. I chosed Cthulhu of course because I lived there once in one of the luxury apartments I made for Akoz once.

    All NPC at the shopping area at level 9 were wearing undies only. Oooops, I thought, Akoz removed everything before he sell the Monria-stuff. But I was wrong. After a relog all NPC weared clothes. Monria has still issues with the light. Maybe they wanted to have a "special moon light"? It's shitty, the shadows of my window frames are broken as well.

    My old apartment is not for public meanwhile but I checked another one and a few shops. MA placed a strange red ball at second and third level. It is labeled "Replace me". LOL! These balls are there since ages. No clue if they vanish if I would buy it. But since I don't trust MA after soooo many bad experiences with apartments I would never buy such an apartment. Apart from that I enjoyed a bath in the pool ;-)

    TT Monria 001.
    Empty :-(

    TT Monria 002.

    TT Monria 003.
    "Replace me" ... I don't trust MA

    TT Monria 004.
    Light issues

    TT Monria 005.
    I still love it! Imagine you could do such things IRL!

    P.S. A fashion note: I would have deposit more money if I were able to buy jeans and some make-up materials. But the market for such items is really down :-(
    P.P.S. See the broken shadows ...

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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 2

    Oha! last entry at Monria start screen is from November 12th last year :-(
    TT Monria 007.

    And yes: right now there is a Malachai Ash at auction at Calypso ;-) But I can resist!
    TT Monria 009.

    Lateley there was a discussion if Monria belongs to Calypso or not. Well, I think the start screen for Monria tells it:
    TT Monria 008.

    Well, nothing more of interest at Monria. Some shops there with low offers. No people. I decided to leave it. The route between Monria and Rocktropia should be save. So I flew straight to NEVERDIE's baby.
    TT Rocktropia 001.

    ROFL! That's NEVERDIE's world. I love it!
    TT Rocktropia 002.

    Lately I bought a MX-5 irl. That's pretty amazing.
    Pure fun ... same ingame but a bit better. I can still use my old Imperium Spec Lancer. Would be cool to be able to color it in British Racing Green ;-)
    TT Rocktropia 003.
    But it's late. I will continue tomorrow night. Except of "The Thing" Rocktropia never atracted me. Neither the apartments nor the clothes. Only a few small Atrox. Let's see how it looks nowadays.
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  3. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    YEAH! Nothing against zombies. I have a lot of them at Elder Scrolls Online ... zombies, other undeads, ghosts, skeletons and such. I stopped Ulla Braun a few days ago (veteran level 3 meanwhile) and started a new sister there: Paula ;-)

    No Rocktropia tonight. I got a small job for the next two days. So I can't spend the night in EU but have to hit my mattress soon because I have to get up in the middle of the night at 7:00. And I watched an old classic Steve McQueen-movie: "Getaway". Kinda sarcastic to post such a name here - lol.
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    REPLACE ME... symbolic of MA ;)
  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL YEAH! Committing suicide in fear of death ...

    At least RT's site is halfway up to date:
    TT Rocktropia 004.
    Good old Freyr still active ;-)
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 3

    After log in today at Rocktropia:
    TT Rocktropia 005.

    The best story ever in Entropia Universe was "The Thing":
    TT Rocktropia 010.

    Me and many others enjoyed it so much. So this was my first choice to visit at RT. First of all: I'm not longer in undies there. But I miss the fur clothes. They are long gone and it seems to be impossible to get new items of this kind:
    TT Rocktropia 006.
    Funny: the fat boys at training center!

    At least it was really desolate there. I was alone:
    TT Rocktropia 011.

    And I got video issues while moving the camera:
    TT Rocktropia 007.

    TT Rocktropia 008.

    I will move back to zombies and apartments soon.
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  8. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 4

    Well, zombies. Yawn!
    TT Rocktropia 012.

    There is this old dome in Zomhattan as well. But its empty.
    TT Rocktropia 013.

    Somewhere I found a subway racing track. But no competitors.
    TT Rocktropia 014.

    I searched for the old Ballistar Building with apartments. On my way to New Harlem another graphic issue:
    TT Rocktropia 020.

    Finally! YEAH, the chicks:
    TT Rocktropia 016.

    TT Rocktropia 017.

    Took a bad end ... ;-(
    TT Rocktropia 018.

    Finally I found it:
    TT Rocktropia 024.

    A poor chick at the inhouse auction:
    TT Rocktropia 021.

    And yes! There was really an apartment for sale:
    TT Rocktropia 022.

    I decided to have a look for it if something has been changed. But no. Still the old boring cuboid rooms without windows. Not to speak about balcony or pool.
    TT Rocktropia 023.

    I left the building just to find a TP in front of it. It surprised me with the option to move to NEVERDIE's old ressort at Next Island. But unfortunatelly it didn't work. Will have a look if that ressort still exists at NI too.
    TT Rocktropia 025.

    TT Rocktropia 026.

    I went back to the party area at laguna. What a pitty! The old wonderful leather chairs and sofas are gone. I asked ND once if he could make craftable or lootable items of them so I could use them for my apartments. He told me that he would have a look into it later. But that wasn't his biggest worry at that time I think. The dancing DJ is gone as well - probably ND didn't pay enough ;-)
    TT Rocktropia 027.

    Well, good bye than, Rocktropia. I am off for Howling Mine.
    TT Rocktropia 029.
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    ---Rocktropia Appendix---
    Well, just to close the file Rocktropia (file Monria was closed long before): I found this - from 2010. Okay, five years ago and many cracked dreams. Just a detail: You can't dance anymore as it was possible when we had the big parties with music streams and live radio shows from other colonists ...

    Jon had tons of good ideas and did the biggest job for MA to bring EU to public. Kinda two or three years ago I talked to him if he was unhappy meanwhile. He answered reluctant and didn't blame MA. I think MA wasn't able to see, embed and use this potential. Another missed chance. Rocktropia is a relict meanwhile - shrinked and abandoned. Does anybody remember Tina Lieu?
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2015
  10. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    I think MA sat on their ass and expected him to do all the work while they just fumbled around with patches. Sad. I hope Jon survived what MA did to him.
  11. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I don't think they are lazy or stupid at MA. I think they are anxious and narrow-minded. Visions and open concepts, strange ideas and help from outside arn't welcome in Gothenburg. One of the best examples is Howling Mine - the current place of my tourist trip. It's a little masterpiece. Well done 3D-design for a si-fi online game, containing such a wide range of potential of possible stories and quests. Imagine a space-pirate's base and a base camp of skooma smugglers (that's ESO-speech. It means: Beer and whiskey smugglers.), recievers, illegal workshops and crafters of special parts for tuning spaceships, illegal materials from space, nightclubs, bars and prostitution and ... and ... and ...

    I am pretty sure that would attrac a lot of folks. What's the trick with video games? You can do what you would never do in real life. But here comes the lame thing that lasts in EU since years, useless, abandoned ... deplorable even.
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  13. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 5

    Arriving Howling Mine:
    TT Howling Mine 001.

    When I landed at Howling Mine I was really surprised to see a green dot on my radar. Crazy!
    In the end I discovered they shrinked the mine dramatically and downgraded it to a place for a stupid quest-giver for stupid grinding quests.
    TT Howling Mine 007.

    But there is a place wich reminded me to Blade Runner. Imagine what NEVERDIE could do with such a location! A nightclub with dancing chicks and music stream and fixed dancing emotes, a shop for illegal items and cigarettes and Beer/whiskey, a workshop for tuning parts, replicants to find and kill (quests) ... Maaaan! GTA5 told us how to use all this!
    TT Howling Mine 005.

    And there is a TP to go to nowhere:
    TT Howling Mine 008.

    TT Howling Mine 009.

    Really boring. It seems that's all about Howling Mine. I am off for Toulan than ...
    TT Howling Mine 010.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
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  14. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Nice pic! I love it. What does it tell? Wistrel Poncahontas with flame thrower?
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  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 6

    Well, Toulan.
    I had high hopes when it was announced. To learn more about another culture and religion, meet arabian folks. I was ready to accept their way of life as long as I visit their area (clothes). Toulan was prepared with some comic strips and an interesting story. For now neither I couldn't fly straight to th planet nor could I use Toulan's space station.
    TT Toulan 001.

    TT Toulan 002.

    I got the same problem with NPC like it was at Monria. Naked by arrival and dressed after relog.
    TT Toulan 003. TT Toulan 004.

    First of all: I can run around there in undies. How insane is this for an arabien planet?
    TT Toulan 005.

    Second: I can't use vehicles. Am I in the past like at Ancient Greece? No, I can still use modern weapons.
    TT Toulan 006.

    The enviroment is interesting but not really exciting. The clothes are cheap and ugly. No estates to buy. This is by far not an arabian planet. It is kinda swedish (western-europe) Disneyland with silly fancy dresses. Another missed chance! Too sad!

    That was a quick visit! I am off for Next Island.

    TT Toulan 007.
    Wait! "Barton's Corridor"? Why isn't that area named in an arabic way? That's Toulan's space hunting ground, isn't it? Okay, okay I give up. It's another part of the arabian Disneyland. I understand. I am a nitpicker.

    Oh btw. I saw five green dots on my trip so far. The last one at Toulan. Yes, unbelievable but true: There are folks who go to Toulan. Okay, I was there too - lol!

    I landed at Shepherd's Beach and teleported to Crystal Bay. Just to end up stuck under the TP.
    TT Next Island 001.

    Finally I arrived at civilization at Crystal Center. I had a look at the "Developer Shop".
    TT Next Island 002.

    Well, tbh I didn't expect significant more than 0/20 items ;-) Except this both all staff in undies again. But I was too lazy to relog to solve it this time. At auction I found 5/6 offers from ONE guy.
    TT Next Island 003.

    Fortunatally I had some 170 Time Travel Crystals at my local storage. So I could concentrate to a tourist flight with my Cyrene convertible.

    First of all I killed some Mountain Boars. Fortunatally I don't need any armour for such small mobs anymore. Good idea to don't sell skills! Even my brave Katsuichi Honor does a good job. Allthough I knew other damage from the times with my Niflheim ;-)
    TT Next Island 004.
    After all the impressive animations in Skyrim and ESO I was really pissed of the ONE SINGLE move with my sword. It's stupid. Simply no fun. But well, I'm a tourist only ... no worries.

    What I especially love on my Spec Lancer is the ability to use it under water. Unfortunately it became night at Next Island. So let's have a break for now and have a look for Ancient Greece later.
    TT Next Island 005.

    TT Next Island 006.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2015
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  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It looks like a survival horror film to me ;) I had a bit of trouble finding clothes for a while when I went to hunt the Thing originally. Man that was a great bit of conent! Neverdie did a blinder with it!
  17. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    LOL! Me had the clothes issue too ... finally that fur jacket was pretty nice. But it didn't persevere much time. That was another thing I asked NEVERDIE for. Alas, it's all gone.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2015
  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Day 7

    I flew around a bit and found an undocumented servicestation.
    TT Next Island 007.
    No big deal. I decided to go to Ancient Greece. My beloved place!
    Teleporting to Orpheu's Way trapped me under the wooden floor of it's TP. Wanna see my teeth?
    TT Next Island 008.

    FINALLY! Ancient Greece! Wait ... what's that?????????
    TT Next Island 010.

    Really? Yes, really!
    TT Next Island 009.
    I can use all my stuff there now: vehicles, armour, blades and guns.
    TT Next Island 011.

    TT Next Island 012.

    Well, from my point of view they killed the wonderful concept of this part of EU. Congratiolations MA! You are soooo stupid.

    Okay, no need to stay here. Just a last look at my sister Kristin's dream home at Mount Diete.
    TT Next Island 013.

    Aaaaaaand now I'm able to take a photo using my Spec Lancer.
    TT Next Island 014.

    THAT would have been a nice home! Even with a landing platform - lol! Imagine this nice home equipped with modern kitchen items and a (functional!) shower from Calypso, aparted by glass walls from Arkadia, wonderful oriental carpets and accessiors from Toulan, great old club stile leather armchairs from Rocktropia, pictures and carpets at the wall and a Spec Lancer in english racing green from Cyrene. OMG!
    TT Next Island 015.

    I'm pretty sure Kristin would have paid more than 5k or 6k PED for it.

    Well, time to leave the destroyed EU-area. Very frustrating! I didn't expect much from Next Island/Ancient Greece. But what I saw today makes me feel blue. That was a stitch to my heart. This experiance makes it harder to continue with my tour.

    Okay, far well beautiful and promising Next Island ... thumbs up again to NEVERDIE.
    TT Next Island 016.

    On my way to Arkadia ...

    One tricky part could have been to be able to buy cigarettes and whiskey at Hermes Space Station ... alas, forget all this story thingies. I fly straight to Arkadia.
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  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ah I was going to ask him the same but mainly cause I liked the trousers... how the hell can it be "gone"? WTF? It's a frikkin' 3D model it doesn't just "vanish"!? (much like "the code" that MA lost for making the umbranoids)

    Loved those trousers!

    Entropia 2011-11-19 19-09-08-50.
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  20. Thank you for the tour. It does indeed show the pure truth. An empty virtual world, that you cant escape.
    Even the o(l)d(d) worlds of Captain Kirk had more charme and felt more like alienated worlds, then what we have now.

    I like your ideas of "Blade Runner", but even the old PC game had more charme then what we have now.

    2004 had this immersive alienated MMO sci-fi feeling, even without CryEngine.
    Ya, CryEngine...advertising it, but not beeing able to use it...replace me.

    ya, "The Thing" was neat, even if totally unrelated to "Project Entropia".

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