A plea against greed on Next Island

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Lykke TheNun, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I believe we can agree, that one parameter for success for a Planet is a healthy economy.

    It really baffles and dissapoints me to see people trying to take advantage of the Auction system on the planets.

    I am a crafter and the other day I was looking for some simple stones (lyst & iron) in auction.

    Of course I looked for auctions from Next Island, since that would be most natural - and I want to support people on the planet I'm on before elsewhere + the auction fee is horrible.

    I did find lyst ... more than 50% overpriced compared to lyst bought on Calypso. It made me look around in auction, and besides a few reasonable sales - most of the things in auction from NI was overpriced.

    My own needs for stones concerned, I bought them from Calypso, because even with a horrible auction fee it was still cheaper.

    This really doesn't make sense, and I ask people who are on NI or any other planet for that sake, kindly to be more reasonable when they put items in auction. The markup should not rise the normal markup.

    In the end people wont buy the goods in the auction on NI, but go back to calypso to buy everything cheaper - and the question is: will they be back up?

    Crafting is one of the things that makes the economy running. Being able to buy crafting material is a must as a crafter. To make crafters interested in staying on NI is through the ability to buy material directly from the planet citizens. We teach crafters (and others) to use the auction by selling our items in there and for a 'normal' price. Using the auctions will make things easier for all of us - not all of us can stand around and try to sell to the little amount of people on NI all the time.

    If this unfortunate trend to sell oveprice on auction is not stopped, the economy on some
    planets will fail - because people will kill it with greed... and that would be stupid, misunderstood and such a shame, really.
  2. This is the whole point of those auction fees, to provide business opportunities for inter-planetary trading and to create separate economies. If they wanted things to be priced the same everywhere they would cancel those shipment fees. In the short term at least cancelling or substantially lowering the fees would be the best way to stimulate the economies of all the newer planets.

    Its a real cash economy, when there is a PED to be made someone will step up to make it and that is what keeps the economy flowing. With the current system its only natural that things cost differently on NI, this is what traders and resellers have been making money from for years on CND. You could find some regular NI miners and buy the stuff from them, or you could buy from traders with more reasonable prices.

    I spent a few weeks on NI mining (I only sold my stuff when I came back to Calypso), and I think that the reason it is not taking off is lack of content and not greed. When there is real incentive for players to stay there, then the economy will start taking shape too.
  3. Nobatti

    Nobatti Guest

    it's just basic economics. funny that you found your resources from caly that with the transport fee was still cheaper than buying the local stuff. whoever is overpricing that much is not going to sell, maybe they noob and just don't get it yet or whatever, but with the auction fee in place and not a huge competition for selling on the other planets, you are going to be guaranteed to see slightly overpriced stuff on NI and RT until such time that the market warms up more there. From a seller's point of view, it's much more risk trying to sell on the other planets in auction. Demand is much less, i.e. you are going to probably wait a lot longer to sell, maybe not sell at all, so you have to include a little bit of that risk into the equation which will make up for the lost auction fees from having to repost a time or two.

    Lyst sells on RT, maybe even occassionally on NI. other stuff not so much. I've taken to collecting up a huge load of stuff over a month or two and then making a very short trip to Caly to sell it in auction. stuff sells much quicker, I get to avoid this whole messy business, but it costs me 80 PED of my sales in the end.
  4. Who guaranties that there is equal amount of resorces to be found on all planets? I found it impossible to belive that it will be like that, and also find it hard to believe that the auction can be unuversal. If there is less lyst to be found on NI (people work harder to find it) why should it be able to buy from another planet. IMO raise the auction transfer fee and let the different planets have different economies. If someone finds it profitable to ferry stuff to other markets and then sell them, so let it be like that.
  5. Perhaps those that listed at "reasonable prices" already sold. Truth be told, if it isn't selling at a particular price then it won't continue to be listed at that price.

    Don't place the fault on the sellers - of course they will ask the best price they believe that they can get. If there we some incentive to NOT ask the best price that they could get then that would indeed be harmful to the economy.

    Really, everyone should be required to take some basic economics classes in high school...
  6. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    I've noticed odd pricing like that on the NI auction from time to time, but I want to give sellers the benefit of the doubt and assume they're new players who are just learning how the world economy works. Supply and demand in action!
  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I too go down to calypso from time to time to 'fill up' - but only because I feel I'm forced too. And tbh I think it's a shame. I would much rather just stay one place and not have to rely on another planet - or have to pay the up and down trips - or the high auction fee when I need something (especially in the cases where I can see that there are people on NI having the things I need, but I can't buy them unless I pay way overprice).

    It's true some ores / enmatters might cost differently on NI - but my hope is people will realize, that to keep prices on a normal level (and making them more expensive than normal price AND the transportation fee is just silly) will only be good for the economy and not bad.
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    There is the other side of the same coin as well, and that is those who are undercutting auction prices enough to try and sell to calypso bidders. This is what happened to the blood moss/medical compress markets, and when the sale price is lowered by 23+% every couple of days, it will crash a market. Greed is what drove this as well.

    Iron and Lyst are both in demand on Rocktropia so I have seen some of the same issue as what you are talking about. During the few days after the last blueprint vu on rocktropia a month or two ago I was selling lyst and iron for 2-5% over the calypso prices and couldn't keep it in stock. I had my wife bring me about 4kped worth of iron and it was gone in less than a day. (of course I did some crafting with it as well)

    In your example of lyst, a smart and patient person with 5k ped could go to calypso and place an order over the weekend for about 3% less than mu and fill it easily. Then go to calypso and auction it for 3% more than markup. That is a difference of 6% for profit from which you need to take transport fees and auction fees.

    5k * .06 = 300ped
    - 80 ped auction fees = 220ped
    If you auction it in 20ped batches thats 250 seperate auctions of which your fees will be about 60pec (250*.6=150)
    You could profit 70ped minimum if all of your auctions sold.
    You could also make a name for yourself as the "Lyst" trader, and sell it p2p which would greatly reduce your costs from auction fees.
    Since you are now the "Lyst" trader you would also be able to buy any lyst from the local miners paying them say -2% of mu for their lyst which would leave you a 5% margin to work with if you still sold it for 3% over.

    1 person doing this will save money for both the miners and the crafters while at the same time making money from the game. (sure just a small amount, but still fun to see your ped card go up instead of down)

    Hopefully someone reads this and a lightbulb goes off ;)

    gl and have fun,
  9. its not just NI with the high markups its calypso too , i agree with a post above its prob some noob who dont get how the market works yet , or some one trying to make the prices higher i think mentorship should come back so new players will get a better idea how the market works players like us who have been around for years would help,

    if its not the new players its players that are greedy why dont you consider people who dont have much money in real life , in the UK their is not many jobs due to immigration and economy affecting the jobs jobs are going and being cut every day not many jobs its like 800 or more people applying for a job here and only 5 can get the job out of 800 people

    and the welfare benifits in the Uk know as jobseekers alowence google it we only get 100 pound every 2 weeks thats 50 pound a week now can any one live on that i have rent to pay for my house , gas , electric , water , food , cloths , toilet things , telephone bill and all the things that go with it and remeber their is cuts no jobs hell even now the goverment in uk is changing the welfare benifits and might be cut lower to 80 pound every 2 week

    so consider me and other people like me who wants to play entropia and no i dont sweat never will i dont resell in game im a hunter and buy my stuff from auction dont trust private trades auction is the way to do it

    just put all the things at the right markup say a item at 300% selling at 350% on auction thats ok but 800% its not ok that 500% way over markup

    if the market data show etc: ex:say a item at 20 ped and market data 200% you do the math like this

    20.00 x 200.% = it should be 40 ped

    now if the market data shows this sign + you do the math like this

    a item at 20 ped at +40 so you type in calculaer 20.00 + 40.00 =60.00ped thats 60ped

    now learn from this peace im out

    ps: i dont care about neg rep or trolls or haters on forums you are low lifes so with nothing better to do so go a head and leave this forum or flame this post im not botherd its the internet its not real life

    mature people with smart post your welcome to post on here with any advice or ideas on your mind
  10. wow no reply yet so the above must have been a power full message

    im not logging in game for a while if the game gets better by end of 2011 i will come back and play again so havent checked the auctions yet i think players are still selling at very very overpriced items and if you are get a life and dont mess other players gaming

    the achivement system is the same as the mission system thay should have some type of reward for doing the achivments* like a trophy with 0 ped value if mindark does not want to give us ped to me its pointless even to brag about it its pointless if you have some thing to show for it then yeah its a great idea but it needs tweeking and optimization first

    happy gaming and see you all at end of 2011 i will still read forums once a week to see how game progress
  11. Thorn

    Thorn Proud CND Baby

    A plea against greed...I wish. It`s the biggest scourge on the world. I`ve looked at this thread for days searching my head for a reply.

    It`s kind of funny how much greed is in EU considering it`s a game and everything consists only of pixels. But since there is potential money to be made so it is.

    This greed has kept me from being able to upgrade armor and weapons. Own land or a shop. In other words it has hampered my ability to participate in EU as I would like to to help it and myself grow. In many cases so people can sit on this stuff unused and benefiting no one. In a way they are hurting themselves. In my opinion by hoarding apartments and things and keeping the prices high they stifle growth, discourage other players and in turn prevent the growth that would help them further achieve their goals.

    Greed will never end. But we could hope that people will place a more realistic value on such things and realize that in many cases they are just doing everyone a disservice.

    Personally I`m always more inclined to sell things a little below markup and by filling orders instead of waiting to get that extra few percent. I don`t need it that bad. It does`nt impact my real life. And I`ve never been one to have a desire to take as much money from people as I can. I don`t like them doing it to me and avoid that happening whenever I can. I don`t mind when it has value to pay a price for things. But for example thousands of US dollars for a single virtual piece of armor is one of the silliest things I`ve ever seen. People should want to expand the game by making things available thereby encouraging their use more. To not make it appear so much of a rich mans game. But then greed is`nt rooted in common sense.

    The things I`ve seen it do in game along with a desire for power and control including imploding my society are sickening. People will go to great lengths to try to come out on top including lying, backstabbing and paying off people. But honestly I`d rather be alone than have to be with people who secretly harbor these desires. And currently I pretty much am. But you have to stand by what you believe no matter what the cost. For if you can`t be true to yourself you don`t really have much of anything accept the lie you continue to live.
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