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A new start. I love Skyrim!

Discussion in 'The Elder Scrolls' started by Jamira, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Old Ulla Braun at level 76.


    No way to skill her further without using magic. Heavy weapons and armor, crafting ... all legendary. So I decided to make a final savegame and start from scratch again. No cheats but all the beloved mods. But I will not exploit mods that offer extraordinary profit.

    New Ulla Braun without money and friends and at fucking level 3:
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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Diary of Ursula Braun the Nord

    Well, let's have a break and start a complete new life. At least for a few months. Just to learn more about another country and other people. Or even to prove that all I've learned is worth something. I say I am a Nord. The truth is that I am half a Nord.

    I was born in Skywatch at Auridion in 4E 181 as the second daughter of the Nord Olof Braun and the Altmer Mathiel. My father Olof runs a small fleet of cargo ships in Skywatch. We are pretty rich and my childhood was carefree and sunshiny. My parents always took outstanding care for a cosy home and good education for both of us daughters. Private teachers, access to the best libraries, music lessons and everything. But I have always been a sporty and combative type in contrast to my sister Themiel. She enjoyed the sheltered life in Skywatch's upper class with luxury homes, beautiful gardens, exquisite clothes and dishes, finest wines and rich but, sometimes, boring elvish friends.

    At the age of fifteen my sister decided to study magic to become a wizard. Our parents supported her widely. I was afraid that they planed to send me to the same direction. Some esotheric wish-wash even. But I was wrong.

    When I asked my mother one day at the age of twelve to teach me in the art of combat, she seemed to be happy about it. She herself is a pretty good blade fighter and uses several magic tricks additional. I have to admit that my father's broadsword always fascinated me more than my mother's daggers and spells. But it is really hard to use such heavy weapons. I could barely lift that mighty broadsword at that age.

    To make a long story short: During the following years I had three good trainings. Close combat with blades from my mother, some basic knowledge in magic from my sister Themiel and a really crazy strength training from an old hired Orsimer, Gahru-Brag. I lifted weights, ran eight miles everyday and practiced pushups with sandbags at my neck and pull-ups with wights at my feet for Gahru-Brag.

    I learned avoiding and quickness from my mother and my sister gave me a rough imagination of what magic can do.

    But one evening at home near the fireplace I asked my father to lend me his broadsword. He laughed loud but looked kind at me.
    "You are the Nord-child of our family, Ulla. While your sister is the Altmer-child. Once the Nord fought against mighty enemies like dragons. Because they could and were in need of it. To defend our people from that bad treatment of the dragons."
    "Dragons? Dragons are a myth, father" I countered.
    "Not really, child," my father answered. "Finally our ancestors succeeded during the first era. They killed Alduin, the mighty Dragon."
    "Legends!" I thought by myself. He called me "child" ... "Nord-child". I was twenty years old at this time, an adult even. And in my head a little sparkle appeared: "Become a true Nord!"

    Gahru-Brag died three weeks ago. He was a wise man. He knew a lot about body control and mental power. "U tin girl must learn to unite it," he advised me. Easier said than done. I miss him. The loss of Gahru-Brag lead to a major decision: I will go to the homeland of us Nord. I will go to Skyrim and learn to live like a true Nord. Out in the wilderness, with nothing but some basic equipment. Probably a crazy idea ...

    I asked my uncle Farlon, another mage in our family, if he could help me with some of his tricks. Just some elvish magic to let me wake up alone in the wilderness of Skyrim. Like my father he laughed.

    "Olof's daughter, quite clearly!" he moaned with a wide grin. "I have been curious for years when this would happen. Well, my little Nord maid, of course I can help you with a nice surprising start. Hopefully you won't regret it, my dear."
    I smiled and rolled my eyes.
    "Believe me uncle, a Nord can face the biggest challenges of Skyrim." He laughed again.
    "I'm sure you can! You Nord with dark wide inclined eyes and spiky ears."

    Oh well, I know, my appearance is not exactly nordic. I am tall. The pale skin and the red hair are clearly from my father's side. And my muscular body of course! But the eyes and ears are from my mother. A little bit exotic. Not bad regarding advances to a potential lover.

    Alas! My parents were not happy about my plans. Especially my father had hopes I would start a carreer of any kind in his business soon to be able to take over when he once would retire.
    "Hey, I will be back within one year, probably earlier," I tried to appease him.
    "Let Ulla go, Olof," my mother said. "When she comes back she will be your true Nord-child, hardened by the coldness of the north, courageous from hunting and survival in the wilderness. And perhaps her skin would look a bit more colourful than that white sheet of paper she currently wears as skin."

    We all had a big laughter. And no sooner said than done my uncle and I started with preparations. My uncle ordered few ingredients from Sentinel. That meant a serious delay because of the long delivery time. But he assured me, those ingredients were absolutely necessary and only available in Alik'r. To be honest, I strongly assume he used this poor trick to nail me down to Skywatch and enable me to prepare myself in a good way instead of a naive jump into cold water. During the next weeks I bought a map of Skyrim and visited several crafters to learn a few basics. Especially about slaughter and skin animals. Something very strange to me but vital for survival in the wilderness. Furthermore I had some practice at a forge and at the workshops of a bow maker and a tanner. I had basic knowledge of cooking and alchemy already. Nonetheless I visited our local witch, a handsome woman with dark hair, dark eyes like mine and a deep voice. Nonathamiel is her name. Hard to articulate, but she allowed me to call her Nona. I have to admit that I visited her more often than the other crafters and we didn't solely talk about alchemy but had some incredible fun together. She was the best lover I ever had so far and I was afraid this would make me wavering about my plans. But she put my mind at rest.
    "Learn to release," she said. "Maybe it will save your yummy arse one day. I cannot be a surrogate for your original plan. But I feel that there is something in you that I can't estimate yet."
    "What?" I asked. But she only smiled and threw me a kiss. I catched that kiss with a quick move and winked to her.
    "Thank you for all, Nona. Perhaps we will meet again."
    "We will," she replied.

    In the evening I often sat together with my father in front of our fireplace. We killed a serious number of really old bottles of Black-Briar Reserve and Surilie Brothers Wine from a secret Skyrim-corner of my father's wine cellar during these sessions. He told me a lot about the holds and cities of Skyrim and gave me advise how to become rich within a poor world of coldness, filled with wild beasts and ruthless bandits starting by zero. A world were the finest clothes are made from linnen and fur instead of silk and velvet and the best armors are heavy steel armors with the wight of ten millstones. And one evening he brought his blade and told me about it. A steelsword of the Skyforge in Whiterun.
    "Nobody knows who built the Skyforge, where the Companions weapons are made. It's discovery led to the building of Jorrvaskr and the companions as we know them today," he quoted a text from a book of our private library. I knew already that my father was member of the legendary Companions for a short time when he was a young man. Now I knew where his mighty broadsword came from. But he declined to tell me more about his time with the Companions.
    "To be honest: nothing to be proud of," was all I could worm out of him. I accepted it and decided to have a closer look into this famous group by myself.

    I was so busy with all these plans and studies and preparations that the message from my uncle Farlon shocked me.
    "Ulla! Visit me soon please. I am ready to start your incredible adventure. Just ask your father for a passage for both of us to Velyn Harbor."

    By The Nine! Suddenly it became serious! Breathtaking! I hastened to my father's branch office at the harbor.
    "It starts!", I shouted from the door. My father smiled and I suspected he knew it already from Farlon. Conspirators! They still treated me as a little girl that wishs to have some adventures. Well, to be serious, I had no experiances. Although I was up to change this. And yes, the care of the family was very welcome. Soon I would miss it.

    "You can use the weekly ship to Velyn Harbor tomorrow if you want," my father answered. Well, that was pretty quick. But I agreed, driven by my eagerness.

    The evening at home was overwhelming. Mother had instructed the staff to celebrate an impressive meal in the great hall with the finest dishes and beverages Tamriel offers, with musicians and female dancers from Alik'r. She is a damn bitch and knew that I prefer my own gender. Amazing!
    "I won't hand over my sword to you today," my father said. "You will really start with poor equipment."
    "Yes, I know, father," I replied. "That's the plan. Let's see what I can do."
    "I trust in you, girl. Good luck!"

    Eventually Themiel started huge fireworks and uncle Farlon let appear a few ghostly figures and magic blue lights. But the ultimate highlight was when mother and father asked for silence. Father came up with a lute and mother with a drum. They played an ancient melody of the Nord. And mother sang a song of another folk than hers for me. At the end all of us stood still and thought about the nordic ancestors. Finally my mother break this numbness by a laugh and brought out a toast:
    "May the Nine be with you, Ulla!"

    Next morning was busy with take leave of friends and family. My uncle assured me that I wouldn't need special equipment. Just cloth and soap for the travel to Skyrim. But I visited the general store and bought a diary.

    We departed at noon. I stood at the railing and waved to my family. Suddenly I saw a small movement in the shadows of some chests. Nona! Nearly invisible because of her dark clothes, waved to me. I threw a kiss toward her direction. She outstreched her arm and clenched her fist. What a fine greeting! I remembered her words of "... there is something in you that I can't estimate yet." I still doubted if that makes any sense. Anyhow it caused a terrible prickle.

    We reached Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor at the evening and spent the night there. The further travel through Reaper's March and Cyrodiil was really boaring. It took four days. Finally we reached Riften in the south of Skyrim. We booked rooms at the Bee And Barb. Uncle Farlon and I had a few Black-Briar Meads in the evening. He said:

    "Be prepaired, child. This is the point of no return. Are you ready?"
    "I am," I replied.
    "So it may happen and hopefully it will end as we all hope. You will understand it soon, dear. May the Nine be with you! Cheers!"

    Everything around me vanished. I can only remember a deep white with nothing in. Farlon, you bastard! What did you do to me?
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Diary of Mathiel

    Morndas, 11 Last Seed 201
    Farlon and Ulla set sail today. I am very proud of my little daughter. Hopefully she will learn a lot out there. Olof is a bit doubtful about Ulla's plans. I can understand it. Skyrim is one of the most dangerous provinces of the Empire. It is rumored that some extreme Nords will start a rebellion against the Imperium. That would end in a civil war. Not the best condition for my daughter. Alas, she is a tough girl.

    Fredas, 22 Last Seed 201
    Holy shit! A messenger delivered a short note from my brother:

    Riften, Sundas 17 Last Seed 201
    Dear sister and dear Olof!
    Something very strange happened. I sent Ulla out at the evening of Loredas 16 Last Seed from "The Bee And Barb" in Riften. The magic worked and she vanished as scheduled. But a sad darkness overwhelmed me and a deep voice spoke to me: "Moron! This was an epic failure. You will regret it. The person you brought to Skyrim will be wiped out soon because she is a menace for my plans." I have no idea if this was real and if it's a real menace to Ulla. But I will try to find her as soon as possible. The plan was to send her to a place near Riverwood with some basic equipment. I will depart soon for Riverwood and check out that everything worked well.


    I hope Farlon's vision was the dream of a drunken mage after a long evening. Olof said nothing when I showed the message to him. But he frowned. I am not sure if I like Ulla's Skyrim-project any longer.

    Loredas, 23 Last Seed 201
    Nowadays I consume all news from Skyrim. Today we heard that the Jarl of Windhelm, Ulfric Stormcloak, killed the High King Torygg. I am afraid, that means civil war. And my poor child is in the middle of it! I deeply regret meanwhile my decesision to let her go to such a barbarian country. Hopefully Farlon will find her quickly.

    Sundas, 24 Last Seed 291
    New message from Farlon. The world has changed dramatically. Dragons are back!

    Riverwood, Sleeping Giant Inn, Morndas, 18 Last Seed
    Dear sister,
    It's more sad than expected. We have to face the revival of dragons here! I found the basic camp that was planned for Ulla's start. But it was abandoned and not used. I rided to Riverwood and talked to the blacksmith Alvar and the local trader Lucan Valerius. Both told me that a dragon destroyed Helgen and that Ulla popped up together with the son of Alvar. They told me that she went to Whiterun to inform the Jarl of the dragon manace. Additional they told me that Ulla saved the life of Alvar's son.

    Something went strong because of the dragons. But Ulla is fine it seems. I will ride to Whithrun tomorrow.


    Civil war AND dragons? Farlon should find my little daughter as soon as possible and drag her out of all this bullshit and bring her home.

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