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    As most know, I'm revamping the MSM website with my own RL writing, with only a small section reserved to write about anything virtual that catches my interest, and one of the sections I've added I'm having a lot of fun with because it absolutely stimulates the creativity.

    It's called "Writing Prompts" and I have 17 lined up so far to write about. The premise of this exercise is to get people to write and be creative, because the writing prompts are only suggestions, and you can take them anywhere you want. My goal is to also make them educational, and the topic of these Writing Prompts are random, and could be about anything.

    I get my Writing Prompts at Twitter because I follow them there, as well as FB and their website.


    Here are the Writing Prompt suggestions I have lined up so far:

    Title: The Bookmark
    Writing Prompt: "Scribbled on the back of a bookmark, she read the most interesting thing ... "

    Title: The Letter
    Writing Prompt: "One fine day, the postman brought me a letter ... "

    Title: Whitehouse Cook
    Writing Prompt: "Your temp agency sends you to the Whitehouse as a cook, not realizing that you checked the wrong box and do not know how to cook … "

    Title: Disappearing People
    Writing Prompt: " Inside a supermarket, you watch people disappear in front of your eyes … "

    Title: Mysterious Stone
    Writing Prompt: "While exploring a cave, a geologist finds a stone that is not of this Earth … "

    Title: Whispers
    Writing Prompt: "He whispered in her ear and walked away … "

    Title: The Number 13
    Writing Prompt: "Write about the number 13 ... "

    Title: Time Travel
    Writing Prompt: "You answer an ad that reads: Wanted, someone to travel back in time with me. Must have own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. Call … "

    Title: Inflation of Time
    Writing Prompt: "Researching the quantum origins of consciousness, you discover that you can inflate half seconds and extend time … "

    Title: Blood Donation
    Writing Prompt: "You go to donate blood, but something goes terribly wrong … "

    Title: Talking Pet
    Writing Prompt: "One day, your pet starts talking to you … "

    Title: Supernatural Powers
    Writing Prompt: " Each room in a strange house gives a different supernatural power to anyone who falls asleep in it … "

    Title: The Sounds of Secrets
    Writing Prompt: "The lead singer in a traveling band gives away top security secrets to the enemy in the songs he sings … "

    Title: Haunted Aisles
    Writing Prompt: "A nasty trickster ghost haunts a grocery store’s aisles … "

    Title: The Color Red
    Writing Prompt: "Paint splattered on a canvas … "

    Title: Magic Island
    Writing Prompt (my own because Magic Island is a real place in Hawaii): "As the red orange sun began its decent … "

    Title: Destination Unknown
    Writing Prompt: "Your airplane lands and when you disembark, you realize you’re not at your intended destination … "


    I'm having SO much fun with these because it really stimulates the creative juices, and I have completed my first one which I will share in a separate thread.

    I've written "The Bookmark" ... and the prompts are presented in a way that allows your imagination and creativity to go wherever you want it to go, but as I mentioned, I would like these to be educational as well, and present interesting stories in the process.

    I will publish "The Bookmark" in another thread but it will be the only one I'll share here because I want the rest of them to be available when I relaunch the MSM website. I have other things there too that you won't be expecting, which is part of why it's taking so long for the relaunch. I'm having a lot of fun with what I'm doing, and will announce the relaunch here and on FB when it's ready.

    BTW ... the Titles of these Writing Prompts are mine, but the Writing Prompts come from their website, or what I've seen on Twitter or FB.
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  2. Couldn't find the 'Awesome' rating, so got one from elsewhere for you.

    This looks great MS9, thanks for sharing.
    I can feel the creativity surges happenning already!

    I think I am going to have to come visit planet MSM (website) to see this for myself .... *packs bags*

    The journey, setting off for planet MSM ....

    The arrival ... Oh my, its, its ...
    The purple MSM planet of Epic Awesomeness!
    Uh oh! Look I turned into a purple moon dude! I hope this can be reversed.

    I hoped you like my little journey! :tongueout:
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  3. These prompts look really neat actually.
    I think I will put some time into writing something for this prompt down the track :)

    : Inflation of Time

    Writing Prompt: "Researching the quantum origins of consciousness,

    you discover that you can inflate half seconds and extend time … "
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  4. MindStar9

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    That would be awesome, and I know it's something that Obie could write about too, he's a physics addict (did I say that out loud :eek (2): ) ... but he makes it SO interesting. We watch all kinds of physics, science, and cosmos/universe stuff on date nights, and it's really enjoyable.

    My relatives have always called me the brainiac of the family, but Obie's got me beat by a gazillion light years (don't ask me how much that is, I just know it's a lot). :tongueout: He's brilliant, and it's a turn-on for me. :loveshower: Nuff said. :wise:
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  5. That is Great!

    I am not sure how much you would be into this then, but I thought you may appreciate it being a writer.
    (See end of post)

    Even though I come from a science based family, both parents in the end became science teachers at high schools; What a waste for dad though, he had 3 dux of the university awards and majored in seven areas of science. He originally was going to become a geologist, however at the time of making the choice, the industry collapsed here in Australia.

    Looking at his other options he was offered a position as sciense headmaster at one of the local high schools. It was a shame really. His love was always in Astro-physics.

    Anyway before I go rambling on, I took the technology IT&T, and IP communications career path, however my true to heart interests have always lay more in the science-meets-meta-science area, the fringe if you will of science and metaphysics. Not quite one or the other at the end of the day.

    And no, none of my interest lay in ... scientology societies or the likes. I do have an open mind though in many other areas of where science meets metaphysics (and ofc technology), eg. Quarks, Quasars, Blackholes, Dark Matter (aka Anti-Matter), mainly stuff you find in magazines and journals like New-Scientist, American Scientist etc.

    There are other interests that expand on the above listed;
    However that will be a discussion for another time and place :)

    Here is the link to the sci-fi/fantasy style writing group > http://www.sffchronicles.co.uk/forum/
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  6. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    That is some site you sent us to ... Obie and I are really enjoying it, thanks! :thumbsup:
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  7. Glad you both like it :)
    Just saw Obie log in :wave:
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