A major step from UBISOFT torward the future of entertainment and educatuion

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    Lately I was complaining about UBISOFT's Assassin's Creed Origins because the story is boring like hell. At the other hand they made an unbelievable wide and detailed 3d-model of ancient Egypt and I wish they would bring this huge world to Virtual Reality. Well, they started with ACO VR at their own place in Montreal. I hope they will offer this wonderful world to all VR users soon.

    Today this wish got a serious boost: UBISOFT delivered "Assassin's Creed Origins: The Discovery Tour".
    It's for free for folks who bought the game already - me :-) So I spent three hours there already and explored just 18 of nearly 60 spots. THIS IS SIMPLY AMAZING! Every spot leads to a short guided tour of diffrent themes. History, politics, battles, economy, crafting, relegion and what not. Well, the informations are very short and the additional material is limited. But it's still very informative. During these three hours only I've learned a lot about ancient Egypt. More than I knew before (at the age of 63). And occasionally they talk about compromises they had to do between historical correctness and gameplay. That's okay.

    I think such projects are a vast chance for education and experiance. Probably for simulations as well. UBISOFT's 3d-model of ancient Egypt isn't 100% correct. But it communicates a serious impression of places wich are lost forever. Ancient Alexandria as for instance. Really, I can't imagine all the possibilities if such worlds can be explored. Combined with guided tours, additional content and links to more informations. Kinda walk-on-able history. Oh wait, why history only?

    I hope they will bring it to VR soon! And expand all this to teach the world what's possible. And I hope a lot of people and enterprises will jump onto the train. Even with small projects. This is a great new area. I'm prettty sure this is the way how it'll work in future. Thumbs up UBISOFT!
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    Just a note regarding MA's missed chances since 2003. PE once had a big potential. Oh wait ... several big potentials. Real cash economy, RPG, online game/chat, advertising, training/education/simulation ... they missed a few if not all targets. UBISOFT delivers real benefit and becomes a serious pioneer with this "Discovery Tour".
  3. Jamira

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    Well, at 9 pm I finished the discovery tour in ancient Egypt in ACO. UBISOFT put such a lot of work into this project!
    75 guided tours, each of them with 3 to 25 spoken texts plus additional pictures of ancient artefacts and historical documents. In total 573 audio texts and (estimated by UBISOFT) 395 minutes duration. For me it was a longer journey because I always looked at the right and left side of the given path and sometimes below it ;-) (Pssst! The rumors are true: there are huge caves under the Sphinx as mentioned in "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders" already years ago. Believe me. I saw them!)
  4. Trailer looks very cool.
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