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A little technical advice please

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by boozinUSA, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hello all!

    In a couple days, I will be purchasing a new laptop. I have been looking at this model http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834115990 lately and I am pretty sure this is the one for me. Yes, I am aware it is out of stock on newegg :)How well (or poorly) will this play PE?

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. Hi Boozin USA,

    I read the comments from those who had purchased this laptop and one mentioned that it ran Dragon Age II at full resolution without any hiccups. If this is the case, I do not see it being too much trouble to run Entropia personally.

    Other than that I do not have much experience with laptops and Entropia.
  3. Thanks Viperstrike! I was pretty sure this was a pretty good laptop, and after reading the same reviews you have, I have decided to order it! I'll be ingame next week! :)
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    It seems to have very nice specs, indeed. The graphics card seems to pack plenty of RAM, and if you can extend it, you ought to be good for a few years :)
  5. Yes, the video card has 1gb dedicated RAM, and the laptop has 4gb expandable to 8gb. I think this should be good for a while.

    It comes tomorrow! I'm pretty excited. I'll be back in-game in 24 hours!!!
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    So now that you have it, could you share your EU experience with it?
    FPS with different settings etc?

    I am considering buying the same laptop off of amazon and would love an EU related review from you on it first :P

  7. I have been running it on High settings, and it has been running great. I don't have any FPS numbers yet because I have not downloaded fraps yet, but I will soon. This laptop does run a little warm, so make sure you get a cooling pad for it!

    I am able to switch in and out of game with alt+tab without a hitch, and have multiple programs running while also playing. I will download fraps later today and get some FPS numbers for you. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase, you really can't get better specs anywhere for the money.

    Narfi, if you have any other questions about this for me, let me know and I will answer as best I can!
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I think I will order it during my afternoon coffee break today.
    The only down side I saw posted was issues with the touch pad and gestures. Did you have any issues with that?

  9. I read the same things you did about the touchpad. It works great for me, and having gestures enabled hasn't made anything weird happen for me. I don't actually use the gestures that much, I have just played around a little with them. They seem to work fine. I have accidentally zoomed in or out through regular use or anything like that though which is nice.

    One thing about it I was surprised with was the size. I knew I was getting a 17'' laptop, but damn it surprised me! Its not heavy at all though which is nice. The computer weighs less than the battery, and its not too thick either. Nothing on it feels cheap, and typing on it is nice. You will be very happy with its looks once you get it!
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Thanks for the review, work was too busy for me to take time for coffee break :/ just shutting down my computer to head home now. Ill order after we get the baby to bed and I have an hour or two to relax before bed.


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