A different take on SEE Virtual Worlds buying Planet Calypso

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  1. As long as you cant repair anything from a repair terminal - then how to repair/get the item just becomes semantics. If its as "L items" or "Armor component repair persons" is indifferent to me.
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    I explain myself bad.

    I mean that u will never loose Ur item named Stakarov AS129 (The hull will always remain) but all parts who keep him working are L. The concept of property is very important here. And that's common for every mmoS.

    The repair terminal will be needed to repair the hulls, only = less income from repair terminal/ more income from the whole L system.

    That mean that u can loot an ImkII hull from a longu but U will need to find extremely high end material/crafter/assembler to make it work. Probably months or years of research. making it working would be a fucking achievement.

    MA should only set the TT of hulls, to keep money in game.

    Here is an example of team hunting : Every dude have 2 professions. Every soc should have at least an assembler specialized in items. One for the attachement, one for weapons, one for armor ...

    Im sure u start to see how immense this concept can be.
  3. Yes. I have also suggested to MA (ofc it wasent implemented) that crafters should be able to make their own weapons.
    Litteraly.. Their own weapons..

    They should be able to make a weapon that could do 5000 dmg.. with 80 shots/min... but the ammo spendings on that weapon and the decay would just be insane then.. And the minerals to make the weapon should be like 2000 PED of rugaritz and so on...

    THAT would be nice... and a challenge for MA to make :)
  4. hulyss

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    Exactely :)
  5. In regards to mindark creativity... MA makes a new fap.. and its a ball that can open up and light comes out.... Arkadia makes a fap... and its like this: YouTube - planetarkadia's Channel
  6. andrew jenery

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    Another blockbuster discovery by EP! Had no idea that SEE Virtual Worlds had acquired Planet Calypso from FPC, and I bet many participants didn't know this either, so this was a real eye-opener. I'm sure there are mixed feelings on this, after all it's only fairly recently that FPC became a 'planet partner' themselves.
  7. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Mostly agree with your criticisms Starfinder but some of the proposed solutions I'd disagree with because I reckon my idea of how the EU economy works is different from yours.

    Point 1 about monthly subscribstions isn't really necessary. The way EU works currently you can select your level of play from minimal to very costly depending on what you decide and like to do. The problem with this approach however is there are many players who just don't know even the basics and perceive they have lost lots of peds. In reality even if you hunt the most uneco and make all the wrong decisions you still win in the long term.

    Point 2: Capping loot pool. I think this is big misconception among the player base about a loot pool. MA don't do much to address this so the misconception continues. In reality I don't think there is a loot pool as such. It works very differently from what you'd inititially expect. If it works how I think it works capping the loot pool in fact does injustice to players. What MA need to do is address these misconceptions. For some reason they have not been very good at doing this. Their communication or lack of is awefull and just serves to increase misconceptions. Currently the misconceptions amongst players are so embedded and so strong that they themselves sometimes even fear to even ask MA or talk to MA with regard to such issues. Your average player would ask and make threads about these issues on forums like pcf but MA most often never respond to them to dispel the myths. When it comes to people who have a bit of power who can ask these questions to the right people and hopefully have them addressed this is what I'm talking about the system fails. My guess would be due to the misconceptions being so ingrained and out of what they see as respect for MA. If MA never receive those questions that they naturally shoud then perhaps that further alienates them from the player base as they are not getting an accurate picture of reality and so the cycle of misunderstandings continues...

    Then again I may be wrong about how the system works and hence my conclusions would be equally flawed :) What we can all agree on I think is MA needs to communicate better.

    Point 3: Not really necessary to remove unlimited items. The initial reasons for their introduction are still potent. Every time they are used they create money for MA. Removal of these is a big red herring it won't really solve any issues about the game. The sale of these items actually creates more peds for MA as someone may need to deposit to buy one hence more money is input into the system. If these items were so much of a problem they would never have been introduced in the first place. The game would be much shallower with their eradication. MA have done well I think to adress their "distortion" they could potentially cause. The way the system currently works there really is zero benefit for MA to remove them in fact their removal would be a loss to MA.

    Point 4: Balancing yes i'd agree in some places could be much better but then again they have more data than us and I suspect they don't do as we expect because these are the things that would in reality distort the economy.
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    That's because planet partners don't do any coding. Coding is MA. Certainly nice to see them recruiting more staff. Good find.
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    hey good article. I didn't really appreciate the number but yes, its a strong point that if you take the number of people who bought the records and say just a few percent of them will try Planet Michael (especially with it being "free2play" and having neet graphics) then thats actually a f**k ton of people. Even if the world gets slated by the press this will generate interest, possibly more even than it would have with favourable reviews. Some rough hack calcs say if 1% of fans try it and 1% of those try another planet before leaving we still get maybe 11 thousand new players. If 1% of those who try Planet Michael deposit $20 thats 220 thousand in the bank for a start.

    I still can't see why Planet Michael would be any good but I'm probably lacking imagination. With any luck though, if nothing else you are right and it will be at least a good draw and press generator. I worry fans will instantly be disapointed but as you say, maybe that isn't a bad thing for us Calypsites ;)

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    what you are asking for is a new game. you just cant retro-fit these things into the existing game and expect it to work or be better, they are too fundemental to the nature of the RCE.

    Subs might work if they bestowed some otherwise unavailable advantage. maybe the ability to own property, storage limits, FL, avatar wight capacity (though diffculties fitting in with existing expectations). a translation to Ped would be workable but be near pointless (those that wish to and have the means to deposit do anyway). the free to play would be lost and therefore the vast majority of the existing and potential future player base would be lost.

    A max cap is wrong. im the first to complain about the poor redistribution of loots, but it isnt the total amounts thats an issue, its the low level required to get the high pay outs. Mobs themsleves should be capped and much lower. A Exo shouldnt give more than 500, and atrox young no more than 1k. i really dont mind too much if a Daspletor or Aurli Queen drops 50k, the looter probably put the effort and time for it.

    Those are subjects for discussion. Removing unL isnt, it would simply destroy the RCE. it would break the trust and therefore the willingness for anyone to deposit. for all the changes that have been made, i dont think there has been one that effected near everyone, to such a large degree. the crafting one was a long time ago and compensation was given - what compensation would you give to the holder of a set of Shadow? Market value? TT? where inbetween? people would take the cash and withdraw in droves. no compensation would mean no more revenue and a raft of law suits that would pick over the remaining assets.

    sorry to say, i think having the balance manager micro manage according to auction prices is possibly the worse idea. firstly easily manipulated, secondly the exact opposite of the free market ideal upon which the RCE has been conceptulised. their job is to balance the game, we should balance the economy otherwise there is no point.

    none of these points even address the main issues within EU, which are really about quality of finish, customer satisfaction (ie perception of loot), encouraging new players.

    however, as a manifesto for a new game (other than the balancing point), everything you suggest is great. a small development studio could probably make a sucess of such a model. they would have to drop the key RCE concept of return in your cash though, as i discuss in another topic here, as this doesnt apparently work as well as not returning cash
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    Awesome article. :)
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