5K Stalker Challenge

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    Once the event begins, participants will have 2 months to reach the goal of 250 globals within OLA 39 Atroax-Zone. The first three people to achieve this will be awarded according to the prizes listed below. Teams are welcome to join however they will require screenshots for all globals unlike the solo hunters who will be able to have their points automatically tracked on EntropiaLife.com after they have registered for the event.


    1st to reach 250 Globals: 2000 PED
    2nd to reach 250 Globals: 1500 PED
    3rd to reach 250 Globals: 1000 PED

    Anyone else to reach 250 Globals after the first three: 500 PED

    Bonus Prizes:

    500 PED - If you achieve 300 Globals during the event period.
    Calypso Land deed - If you achieve a HoF of 5000 ped or more

    Prizes are stackable, so you may achieve 300 globals and get you initial prize +bonus and a CLD if you hof 5k or more during this event.


    Tax: 3.9%
    DNA: 1 Atrax Stalker/Prowler, 1 Atrox Stalker/Prowler!
    Revive: (243,269)


    This event will begin Saturday September 15th and End November 15th,
    Registration will be available before and after this event has begun.



    Register HERE on EntropiaLife.com to have your globals automatically tracked for this event. It is recommended to run the Entropia Tracker Client to help ensure all your globals are captured. If a global is missed by the automated system the Tracker Client can be set to automatically screenshot your globals so you may upload them via this thread for credit.


    A team captain must identify themselves by full avatar name in this thread and stick to one team name. The other team members may vary, however the team captain must be in the team for all globals and also be the one to submit screenshots for their team. Prizes will be paid directly to the captain of the team for distribution as they see fit for those that assist them.

    Screenshots must clearly Identify:
    Your avatar name
    Your global in the chat log
    Your location within OLA39
    Time of the global
    (if team, team name must be visible to verify global in chat log)
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