HOF 2011-01-10 - Teamed Osse uber

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Griph, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Teamed up with my soc mates Leona and Windowlicker tonight for some Osseocollums, quite great loot overall and then after a while the icing on the cake:


    As can be seen in the opened up PM window, our team name is a fruit of my dry sense of humour lol
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  2. Gratz Una, nice to know they are still out there :).
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  3. Are you finding these Osseo on Medusa? I know I saw some in the SW.
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  4. Gratz! I bet Osseocollums are as difficult as they sound :D
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  5. Thanks all!

    Nope we were doing them in the Eurus area. Had no idea they could be found on the new Medusa island, are you absolutely sure? :) Seems a bit odd.

    Yeah, can say I certainly have big problems with them solo, at my Evader level they still hit everytime and Youngs do up to 140 damage unarmored :rolleyes:
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  6. Yes, they are on the little island on the west:

    (The scip and sumi spawns I believe will be moved soon, however...but the Goki should stay there too :P)

    EDIT:I should note that credit goes to Qetesh for creating the map (although he admits that it is very much incomplete still).
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  7. OK thanks :) That little island I never checked out.
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  8. Nice map! ;)
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