2008-07-25 - Mixed Thursday

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Griph, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Yesterday me and Nutter met up at Nea's to shoot some Ambus, after a quite bad start we got two in 10 minutes:

    And a little bit later I went out for some solo hunting at Limnadian District.


    On this hunt I also reached 60 agility! That has been a personal goal for a few months now, nice to finally reach it. I have heard some rumours about a speed boost at 60, couldn't tell much difference however (what would I expect? lol)

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  2. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Good thing you are not buying film for all these pictures LOL Keep the :Spam::Spam::Spam: coming :clapping:
  3. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Gratz, Una, on all that stuff.
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