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Tower 2008-01-30 - Allophyle and Tower 2

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Bunny, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    What can I say but THANKS MA!!!!! Allo's are boring now to kill but nice when they pay off LOL.
    I got Tower 2 105 finder with a 101 amp. It is in a place I have never mined before. Down on the beach due east of the outpost south of Nymphtown. What a shocker. As it was not such a good mining run I was doing a lot of jumping I got a small Lyst and on the second bomb WHAMMO hehehe Really very exciting. :D :D :D

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  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Glad I was home to share the excitement with you this time for the tower. Big Gratz Bunny, well earned. :ok: :yahoo:
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  3. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Thank you I am glad you were there also hehehe As you can see it has done nothing for my spelling though :-(
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  4. Good going Bunny! Gratz!
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  5. Gratz on the Allo and a massive GRATZ on your Tower :yeah: i bet you are on :cloud9:, enjoy the next few days on the beach :D shame there is no icecream in EU to keep you 8)
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  6. wow wery BIG gratz :O
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  7. Gratz Bunny!! Big Gratz....did u extract all???
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  8. Big gratz! Bunny.
    I'm absolutely speechless about this second tower. You earned it very well !:):)
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  9. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Huge gratz! :surprise: I wish i would get tower too ;)

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  10. :pulp:Wow Bunny! I am impressed although I knew it was coming... Grats!!!!!!:pulp:
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  11. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    When you get a tower you do not extract the ore yourself. That is what the tower is for. Everyday I have to go back to the tower until it is finished. You get a big chunk everyday LOL. If I had to pull that much Lyst by hand I would need a second life time :D
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  12. :DWOW!! Massive gratz to you Bunny:yahoo: I think I would probably fall off my seat LOL

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  13. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Handled it better then the first one but here it is 6:20 am and I can't sleep LOL. I am sure I will run down soon. :D
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  14. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    Rappelz? What Rappelz?

    BIG Gratz Bunny!!! MA did owe that to you!!! :D

    PS. It is proven MA not only got scared but terrified in the idea of you changing game ;)
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  15. Holly crap and huge gratz!!!
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    I like it to see you at the first place of the HOF list :)
    Great job :Beer:
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  17. Very late gratz Bunny! Nice one :yahoo:
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  18. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    So, As I have stated in the past, and probably will so in the future...


    I can't imagine extracting 9000 PED worth of Lyst by hand. You'd have to repair the extractor about 200 times throughout.

    GRATZ, Bunny. It's comforting to know where my deposit money is going. You hit your tower shortly after I made my deposit. :D

    Suffice it to say, however, that I did not deposit $900 dollars US.:rolleyes:
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  19. Gratz :D
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