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200$ for a PDF, that is about virtual criminality and mentions Entropia...

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Beeing distributed by one of germanys biggest and well known publishers (Springer).

    Written by Kai Cornelius (Univeristy of Regensburg, Faculty of Law).

    Anyway, if you need a book to learn about virtual criminality now, it might be already too late for you...but at least it mentions Entropia Universe. :')


    virtual worlds and criminality.

    virtual worlds and criminality2.


    PDF is only 107,09 Euro :

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  2. PDF cannot weigh 374 grams, I guess what's being sold is a hard copy after all.

    Anyways, I dunno who would pay for stuff published in 2009 - 2011.
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, once upon a time I paid 250 +/- 50 Euro per month for Entropia Universe. Each month. So 180 Euro for a book sounds laughable. Fortunataly I could fix this without reading such books. I am clean since February 2014.
    At the other hand I have never been a victim of criminal actions during my nine years there. Although I owned some valuable stuff like worthy UL armor and weapons and several real black colored clothes as well as expensive apartments with extraordinary furniture. May be I was cautious enough or even in luck. Contrary to some other well skilled players during my time there. I do understand that a newbie can be trapped by simple tricks. But I still cannot understand how an experianced player can be raped. Alas, I'm out for so long ...
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  4. San


    Yes, "Gebundene Ausgabe" is a hardcover book. At least you get information of a short half-life preserved on a carrier designed to last generations. The seller probably doesn't even know what it's about.
  5. -Same reason people dont buy infos from 1933 anymore ? ;D

    Just because our dumbass government fails to understand the internet, does not mean it is ok to steal virtual items.
    And just because this is considered old infos by yourself, doesnt mean it wouldnt be valuable infos for others.

    The price is bullshit though...such info should be handed out for free by our government and...ooops...lol

    I added the PDF link, which is also a bit "cheaper". x'D

    -I could have raped so many experienced players over the past 15 years...
    but I did not...others managed to rape their friends multiple times in this game...

    Just a recent example: ^^


    -I dont know this guy either, but, for example, he discussed the 1st case of virtual theft, that got handled by the germany police of Bochum...which I think is very important.

    Its rare, but it happened before. For example, the worlds 1st arrest for virtual item theft in 2007 :



    In the end, the gaming industry has won already...109 Euro or more, every weekend, for some diamonds in a mobile game, to progress a bit faster ? Additional payments, again and again, to avoid waiting 10 hours (or months in some games) for "your structure getting ready" ?

    It works like a charme. It is the biggest market on this fucking planet. I bet the writer is well aware of this madness. :)

    And people still manage to call it entertainment. I call it a blatant lie by now. Theft, if you want. But as long as they make you believe it is alright...go for it.

    Like, every simple game out there uses micropayment these days...most games offer nothing in return, but leveling up or building your structures faster...sick...but it works.

    Entropia Universe is nothing different here, except, on top of it, they lure you with the "make money and cash out" bullshit.

    Back in the days you bought a game. It was yours. You could play it when you wanted to.
    In todays world...when a game goes offline...you usually will never ever be able to play it again...just let me remind you of our future cloud and streaming networks that are drifting towards us...and we all have to follow...
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ask a librarian... (only "don't" [do really] because I'm not really supposed to condone this sort of thing [even though I do]).

    From what I can tell from the allowed text search of the entire book (with no actual access), there is only one mention of Entropia Universe, which is in this 'ere chapter, which thanks to a certain hero of mine, can (currently) be found here:


    For another hero:

    (slightly annoying me that google are charging for it... fairly certain the film was released under a CC licence IIRC)


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