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1200 PED Privateer

Discussion in 'Entropia Space' started by alexjeffesailor, May 16, 2012.

  1. 1200 ped Privateer


    After all these years I finally did it, royally screwed up and thought I was putting a land deed in auction for 1200 buyout, turned out it was the spaceship deed!!! There was lag splitting the land deeds and I was moving to fast, however I understand this is my screw up and someone got really lucky, It got bought out literally within 10 seconds but I did not see any additional offers. I know all sales are final I am just really crossing my fingers I can repurchase this from the purchaser, I would be willing to offer a substantial reward and make it still worth your while. I will be confidential and discreet please PM with any info. i am liable for the full price of this ship regardless.

    Disclaimer: I was 100 percent sober when I did this(for those of you that know me)

    In addition I apologize for screwing up the resale value for privateers in the auction info, obviously this was a human error, albeit a rather large one.

    Be careful people, first time I ever wrongly sold any item just so happened to be this.

    Thanks all,
    Alex Jeffe Sailor
    Irken Invaders​
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Ouch :/

    What was the Number on the ship? Would be interesting to follow its ownership if they opt not to give it back to you.

  3. This is a kind of situation that'd give the perspective of a person:

    Legally the buyer has every right to keep it... and ppl should n't victimize him...

    On the other hand it'd also give some real insight into the core value system of the person...

    It'd be an internal fight between 2 conflicting situation...

    legality vs core moral value system.

    ... we'd defintely have a winner here!

    Love EU!
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  4. KiriHime

    KiriHime Natural Born Killers

    Hopefully they sell it back to you Jeffe
  5. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    I know what I would do....
  6. Even the cheapest 2,5 dimensional MMO games have 4 times confirmation dialouges when you want to sell / trade something,
    that show your item and ask you again and again if you really want to sell it.
    You even have to type words like "Throw away" or "Yes Sell it" in the very last dialouge of some games, while the item name is displayed as graphic
    and bold text.

    Not on every item, but on items the developers decided that are worth to have 4 times confirmations.

    Entropia replicates too many items. A lot use the same 3d model or the same texture.
    It hurts the eyes and the markup on clothes, for example.

    We asked for this since 2004.
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Or what every other NON-RCE game offers; a lock on items you positively do not want to accidentally sell. Yet, this "most secure RCE game" somehow cannot reproduce this option. But we're getting Compets and city overhauls, everybody!
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  8. Ahhhhh the steady town redesigns, that finally turned many precious towns into 1 single shopcontainer.

    And we got those 3 reallife company buildings added to Athen Space Port one year ago...they are still empty and useless, but they are there !

    They started the landplot system one year ago...

    And all those rideabe mobs and other new taming features we got back one year ago...after waiting 5 years for it.
    Can you imagine that ? 5 years ? And all we got was some buffs with it and some promises ? Still not rideable.

    We got promised a big educational "moon" that got developed togteher with ESA in 2009...

    We got vehicles from GTA for our sci fi MMO.

    Most of the "new" 3D stuff is bought from some sites like turbosquid these days...but we had all kinds of vehicles ready in 2004 already...sci fi vehicles...

    And we got a casino on top of it, that is in no fucking way connected to us and that will probably shut down very soon.

    And you wonder why they got no time for "item security" ? Hear hear... ;D z0mg this is so sad.

  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    At TESO they announced to introduce the ability to mark items as "not for trade" lately. And usually they do what they announce. This will be very helpful to avoid mistakes. We demanded it from MA for so long ...

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