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New Profile Posts

  1. The Stare
    The Stare
    After 2 years of playing, I added up all my deposits. LMFAO... Time to re-evaluate my play style!
  2. Saint James Nicholas
    Saint James Nicholas
    EUA is Recruiting
  3. Spawn
    Spawn NotAdmin
    1. NotAdmin
      I have no idea, but @Tass might
      Nov 3, 2017
  4. Mohammad Saber
    Mohammad Saber BlackMagicWoman
    how does this game works?
  5. The Stare
    The Stare
    Where the women at?
  6. reorgas
  7. John BD
  8. Hagen Frühauf
    Hagen Frühauf starfinder
    Hello starfinder,

    And I can not use the Entropia Tracker, my old e-mail account with gmx was hacked by someone where my Entropia data were in it.
    Is it somehow possible that you can help with there please? It would mean to me very much, whom it must be must also delete all the current data from me principal I can use the Tracker again.

    Greeting: Dwain IC Inum
  9. BoredKing
    I cannot download EU via EU client loader. what should I do?
  10. The Stare
    The Stare
    Loving my adventures in Entropia Universe and all the friendly folks I meet along the way!
  11. The Stare
    The Stare
    Howdy folks!
  12. Lesa Thomas
    Lesa Thomas
    Health Consultant
  13. theProphet
  14. gabriml
    Retired from EU
  15. Grey
  16. mikaile
  17. Nor Alien
    Nor Alien NotAdmin
    Thank you for the email link to Jamira's project. :)
    1. NotAdmin
      I don't think I sent you anything?
      Feb 20, 2016
  18. Norian Norian Xx
    Norian Norian Xx
    I have a forum account on Entropia Planets now! :)
    1. Tass likes this.
  19. DTF_The_Prophet
    Peace your mind with a piece of mind
  20. Missy
    1. Tass
      Mar 2, 2016